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Impression Game

Post#1 » March 31st, 2016, 10:04 am

'ello everyone.
I once pointed out how Thebaconmage gave me an idea for a new game. As I threatened to do, here it is!

In a way, it is the "Guess the Character" in reverse: Person A Gives a character, and the Rest tries to give an appropriate representation: a song, a picture, a Flash Video, a game, a (collection of) trope(s), Whatever you got. Person A then picks the winner, i.e. The person whose Impression most closely resembles his own, seems most fitting or like the most awesome way to decide this character. The winner becomes Person A and picks the next character (does not even have to be a pc).

This has the added benefit that you get an idea of how other people view a certain PC (e.g. yours) or npc (might be interesting for ST in particular). Or you might get to expanding your character play list with one New nifty song or Start a "PC's name" gallery :biggrin2

I'd like to Start with the character of mine that probably had the most contact with others so far:
Please describe Wormwood :azn

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