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Charity Auction Event

Post#1 » March 16th, 2016, 10:32 pm

The charity auction event to benefit the All Stars Project, held in Gotham Hall, had the best of everything. Catered by one of the top companies, designed by one of the top firms, decorated by a legion of volunteers, it was one of the premiere events of the week.

Black tie recommended but not required, multiple tables displayed a multitude of objects on display to be auctioned off throughout the evening - artwork, day passes to a local spa, front row tickets to Broadway plays, and other items.

Buffet tables lined one side of the room, with workers in pristine white shirts and pressed black pants walked around the rooms with silver trays of appetizers and champagne. An open bar staffed by three bartenders sat in one corner, and a small group of musicians with string instruments sat in another corner, playing a variety of classical and more modern music. Most of the space was left open for people to move freely about, but about a dozen tables had been set up near the buffet tables and the bar.

Multitudes of people in a variety of dress milled about, drinking, eating, and browsing through the items up for auction.

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Ione flitted from table to table, from caterer to decorator, while looking only mildly flustered. The regular coordinator had come down with the flu, and the backup had been called out of town for a work emergency. Something about a giant glowing dog escaping from a laboratory. The second backup was in Hawaii on their honeymoon, and the third had begged off for a reason so odd no one would repeat it.

So they had called upon Ione, the last backup of the backups. Despite not being fully prepared for the huge amount of work that went into such an event, at least the regular coordinator had planned for many of the possible issues and had contingency plans in place. All Ione really had to do was give permission for them to put the contingency plan into action.

Still, but the time the event was in full swing, the emergencies died down and she finally managed to peruse the items up for auction. Perhaps she would even bid on a few.

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Re: Charity Auction Event

Post#2 » March 17th, 2016, 9:01 pm


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Emmett had taken the time to get a suit clean for the occasion and smiled as he came through the doors. He waved to Ione when he saw her, and found himself a nice table with a good view of the auction.
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