[Glimpse] Election Night Madness

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[Glimpse] Election Night Madness

Post#1 » November 28th, 2016, 1:23 am

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The room was in darkness, everything was off apart for the TV that was set to the U.S election footage as the results were counted. Katrina impatiently tapped the eraser end of a pencil against the arm of the sofa.

The Election had been madness, the choice narrowed down to a moron with a bad toupee or a crook. She had naturally voted for the Crook.... it would be easier to impeach her. The media had focused on a lot of the wrong things, but then it was the media. They had a heavy bias towards one political party or another.

There had been highs and lows, however Katrina remained optimistic. Then the worst happen, Wisconsin called.... for Trump. The pencil tapping immediately stopped as she forced a sigh. "So this is how liberty dies. With thunderous applause."

Michael coughed "Well, I think that is an overstatement"

"You do?" Katrina shrugged. "In the 1930's there was a similar.... animal. A perspective candidate was a die hard nationalist and actually had similar views to trump when it came to members of a certain religion although at the time it wasn't Muslims." Katrina paused for a moment. "Machen Deutschland wieder groß!"

Michael raised an eyebrow. "Make Germany great again?... did you just compare Trump to Hitler."

Katrina chuckled "I guess I did. However in reality we will see, if he proposes the enabling act I am packing up my shit and we are moving to Canada or Australia."
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