Glimpse: A Dragon's Research

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Glimpse: A Dragon's Research

Post#1 » September 10th, 2016, 11:16 am

Jeremy Theim¦ Gangrel ¦ Ordo Dracul ¦Ordo Status: 1 (Supplicant) ¦ ¦ Presence 3: Highly Educated ¦ Defense: 2¦ Vitae: 6/10 ¦ Willpower: 7/7¦ Health : 7/7 ¦ BP:1 ¦ Active Powers: Aspect of the Predator¦

Jeremy was a man of the inquisitive mind, a child of science. Reliable, repeatable, science offered a sense of security his former life never did. And even better, it opened up worlds of understanding- literally. Everything was explainable, if you only looked at it long and hard enough and conducted all necessary tests.
Until his Embrace, of course.
Even among the Dragons, he had to realize that, infuriatingly, pseudoscience and outdated concepts could deliver the same results as state-of-the-art Physics and chemistry.
However, science holds no prejudice. If action A results in consequence A*, and action B results in consequence A*, too, then there must be some underlying principle.
So he started investigating the occult, brushing up his lore on several different topics.
There was a common denominator, and he WAS going to find it, if it took eternity to get there.

Until then, there were other worthy pursuits.
The Vitae Catalyst was his current project. Blood could be turned into Vitae. Vitae that left a Kindred's body soon turned back into blood. Kindred used up their Vitae, which made a breach of the Masquerade more likely, among disturbing researching other things. The Coils of Blood could change that.
So Jeremy set out to find out what causes the change, and support that change with a chemical. Once taken, it should ease achieving the Coil, and eventually could help with a variety of other things.
His labratory log notes " Vitae has special properties, among them lending Kindred the ability to move and act. However, as the First Coil of Blood proves, it could be used more efficiently, allowing to run twice as long on the gas available, so to speak. So far, my studies were limited due to the Vitae-Blood Decay, which may or may not be related to the topic at hand. If my hypothesis is correct, Vitae is used similarly to Adenosintriphophate, or ATP, the main source of energy in the human body. When winning energy in the form of ATP from carbohydrates, a small amount of ATP has to be invested to get the cycle started. While the amount won is about eightfold the amount invested, it presents a loss. Assume, for now, that Vitae gets converted into energy for kindred to move about. Assume furthermore, that to kickstart that process, Vitae has to act as a starting reagent. Now, compare the fact that yeast can produce ATP both aerobically and anaerobically. Take note how aerobically, the amount of ATP won is sixteen times the amount of anaerobically won ATP. Based on these findings, and the fact that the First Coil of Blood reduces the need for replenishing Vitae, it stands to reason that a similar change of the process takes place. The possibilities are either a more efficient means of producing energy, as with aerobic and anaerobic conditions and yeast, or no need to invest energy to kickstart the process. As the conditions I found myself under before and after the Chrysalis seem to not have changed, I suspect the latter possibility to hold true.
So far, Vanadium and Copper seem the most hopeful candidates for the basis of the catalyst's production. These can be found in hemocyanin and vanabines, which are used be invertebrates instead of hemoglobin. As those animals function under a more open circulatory system I find more similar to kindred's than the human system, and as they are less stable (two copper atoms bind oxygen reversibly in hemocyanin), they might be what makes Vitae different from blood and could explain the Vitae-Blood decay to boot. Finding traces of hemocyano-compounds would be a strong supporter of this hypothesis.
Sulfuric hemoglobin and added Osmium-compounds then might provide a more stable basis, a catalyst that basically keeps the Vitae-Energy convertion permanently kickstarted, cutting out the cost of burning Vitae unecessarily every time we rise.
OF course, I will need to figure out what Vitae actually transports; it is not Oxygen that is needed to generate energy, as we do not need to breath. Insights in that area might change the possible candidates and reasons. However, I am reasonably sure that any sort of mystical power is grounded in or tied to a physical representation. As such, we approach an old alchemistical concept: As above, so below, as within, so without. Alchemy might have been closer on track as given credit nowadays.
As expected of the father-discipline of science.
For further studies, four avenues should provide necessary insights or even a break-through.
One: Further occult knowledge, especially in regards to blood and its propensities and qualities in different cultures. Any overarching similarities must be noted. Kindred lore on the topic should be especially of value. The Dragon's library might be of use here.
Two: I may find myself to be in need of a way to preserve Vitae. I read that the Circle of the Crone teaches way to achieve that. I am convinced they will not share this particular skill, and I do not consider myself able to make them share it in any sort or form. However, all I need is preserved Vitae, not the knowledge to create it. This should be well within the realm of a favour for a favour.
Three: Anything that will allow me to observe and test more qualities will be helpful, which is why the search for an Auspex Tutor has ever-increasing priority.
And finally, four: I will need to come into some Kindred's Vitae who has not underwent the Coils of Blood. This one is indispensable, as the analysis of my Vitae will soon be finished and a comparison will be needed."

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