Glimpse: Shooting Range

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Glimpse: Shooting Range

Post#1 » September 4th, 2016, 3:38 pm

Thomas Richter¦ Ventrue¦ Invictus ¦ Title of Esteem: Mister ¦ Title of Function: Commissioner ¦ Title of Tribute: none¦ Defense: 2¦ Vitae: 7/10 ¦ Willpower: 5/5¦ Health : 7/7 ¦ BP:1 ¦ Presence 4: Affable¦

Concentrating on one single task at a time, taking careful aim, pulling the trigger slowly, feeling the recoil, checking the result: Thomas liked to go shooting. Not having to breath makes things a bit easier. Nonetheless, he was still just an average shooter.
Not that anyone would know that: To most people, his results looked ridiculously bad. Why? Because he didn't aim for the center, but rather a point a bit to the lower left, then the upper right, then the lower right, then the upper left. Wash, rinse, repeat.
He wanted to keep a low profile, after all. People prefered it if bankers were bumbling diletante instead of surprisingly adept at shooting. They disliked the idea of someone who already had so much power being able to exert power in a physical realm, too. In any case, they were always curious of and amazed at 'their' shooting banker, who kept trying despite being obviously not suited. It made them happy, and thus they liked him. Thomas kept smiling, joked what a great relaxation it was to imagine shooting at his boss, then got himself the same tips for the ten-hundredth time, pretending to hear them for the first time.
It got old, sure, but he tended to see it as exercise.
He decided that he would have to improve his shooting skills. It simply does not do for Invictus to not excel in something, for one.
Two, when push comes to shove, he will need to be able to fight himself.
Among kindred, you are your last line of defense, the only one you can really trust.
He was aware of the irony, since his focus lay on others most of the time. After all, his best assets were making deals and talking people into doing things for him. That was power in itself, social influence. Superior to mere physical power, in a way. If someone stronger than him punched him in the nose, he could get someone even bigger, meaner, stronger to punch that guy back. And it was more versatile.
He could get someone smart to construct a plan, someone else, maybe even someone expendable, to execute the plan, and finally, someone to clean up and take the blame. And the best part? If he did it right, everyone of those people would feel indebted to him, BE indebted to him. Because he did them a favour. Help others to help themselves, and they will be in your debt. Help others to help them helping you, and your profit just went through the roof.
But it had a serious drawback. Trust. He had to rely on others for this. And other people, kine or kindred, were, at their core, unreliable.
Trusting them was dangerous. But he had not choice. After all, all social conventions were build on trust. Even a prince couldn't exert any meaningful influence on a state had he not others to command.
And kindred society was mostly stable. Even a twisted, strange place like New York still followed the Traditions.
Tradition is what gives stability. And traditionally, Invictus ruled over others, but also relied on others to do their part.
Doesn't mean he couldn't prepare himself for the worst.
He wouldn't be taken by surprise like that ever again. Goddamn traitors.
His Heckler & Koch P8 gave a few short, sharp noises, and pieces of metal were flung with incredible speed at a sheet of paper. Later, as he checked his work approvingly, someone commented with the usual "Not as easy as it looks, eh?". There was smugness in the voice, as usual. Putting on a smile, Thomas turned around: "Ah, yes, well you see I always..."

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