Little Pieces of Everything

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Little Pieces of Everything

Post#1 » July 22nd, 2016, 5:57 pm

Robert held the USB in the palm of his hand and stared down at the small piece of technology.

"So that's it?"

Lee nodded. "Yep. Well that and all of the backups."

The Daeva turned his head. "It's so tiny."

"That's what she said."

The Daeva raised an eyebrow.

"Well prove me wrong."

The Daeva sighed.

"Wait the amount of information contained in a 64 GB USB 3 stick is strange isn't it?"

Robert considered the object in his palm with curiosity. "My family were comfortable and yet our entire library could probably fit in about four of these little stick things." He shook his head. "It is a different world."

Lee pressed her lips together and not for the first time mentally kicked herself at misreading a situation involving an older Kindred's fascination with modern technology. With some, like Sinclair, the confusion was amusing due to a mistrust of modern conveniences but with others, such as Robert, the particular time of their Torpor meant that the technology of the world increased tenfold while they were asleep. The Ventrue reminded herself again that the Daeva had barely survived an assassination attempt during the last nights of disco and had awoken to a world of cell phones and Netflix. Computers more powerful than the military possessed in those nights now were used to play games on the subway. Four and a half years up had taught him the basics, he could text which was a step over some, but every once in a while the older Kindred would have those moments of realization where they compared the world they grown up in to this modern one.

"Not too different. Technology changes, ideas change but some things remain the same."

Robert looked up with a frown. "Yes. A lot of the same problems we had when I was alive."


"Same shit, different decade seems to have become same shit, different century. It is becoming a little frustrating to watch history repeat itself. Again." The Brujah shook his head. "Topic change. We need to get these out to people."

"I'll drop off copies to Pelham, Katrina and Stanley Dyer."

"I'll handle the Prince, Gabriella, Chambery and the Sheriff." Robert stood up and grabbed several more of the little sticks. "Well at least we can hopefully solve this damn problem soon. That has to count for something."
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