Vampire Glimpse: Getting a foot into the door

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Vampire Glimpse: Getting a foot into the door

Post#1 » June 24th, 2016, 10:20 am

Thomas Richter¦ Ventrue¦ Invictus ¦ Title of Esteem: Mister ¦ Title of Function: Commissioner ¦ Title of Tribute: none¦ Defense: 2¦ Vitae: 7/10 ¦ Willpower: 5/5¦ Health : 7/7 ¦ BP:1 ¦ Presence 4: Affable¦

The lawyer had been rather uncomfortable when he came in, but Thomas quickly put him at ease. They had some smalltalk for a while, Thomas got to know him and his needs a little bit better, and finally he opened up about why he was there. He needed an extension of his credit, or his law office would have to relocate. This would be disastrous, Thomas was given to understand, due to the loss in prestige and clientéle. However, his current income could not support the interest rates, as they were still in the "investing" stage. Getting to know people, building up their image etc.
Of course, Thomas knew all that. He also knew the people working for Koskoff here were top-rate. He checked beforehand. He was convinced the office had potential, which is why Koskoff got an appointment in the first place. He set everything up himself, after all.
"Ah, my dear Mr Koskoff, that is not a problem! I am sure we can find a solution to our mutual benefit! Now, lets take a look at the sum first, then your income, and with that, we'll calculate a... workable interest rate. Then, we..." They talked for some time, and in the end, made a deal Koskoff was more than happy with. Sure, Thomas's bosses would be confused by him extending money at such a low rate. But by now they knew to trust the man, since he was really good at his job. Worst case, this'd be seen as one bad apple in an otherwise excellent tree.
But he was not finished here. This was just the start of the game. Soon, he payed the office a visit, where he was met with good will and favour. He started to mingle with the lawyers, inviting them for drinks, shook hands, traded favours, smiled and generally spent time with them. Here and there, deals were made, and in the end, Thomas had a few friends in different places. Friends that he had high expectations of. With some luck, and his support of course, they'd rise up.
And who would not like a high-ranking attorney, excellent lawyer or even judge on his side?

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