Vampire Glimpse: Preperation is Key

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Vampire Glimpse: Preperation is Key

Post#1 » May 18th, 2016, 5:52 pm

Thomas Richter¦ Ventrue¦ Invictus ¦ Title of Esteem: Mister ¦ Title of Function: Commissioner ¦ Title of Tribute: none¦ Defense: 2¦ Vitae: 7/10 ¦ Willpower: 5/5¦ Health : 7/7 ¦ BP:1 ¦ Presence 4: Affable¦

A social event, hosted by the Harpy. Such affairs were important, especially if you were new. People meet to exchange pleasentries, talk non-commitally about unimportant matter. Some, however, exchanged boons, traded favours, made decisions of grave importance. Highly valuable goods and information changed hands. And it was easier to meet the shakers and makers here than anywhere else. Meetings like these were the lifeblood of kindred society. And it was the sea in which Thomas felt most comfortable.
However, now he had a problem.

He didn't know what to wear.

What seemed like a shallow, even vain quirk actually was more important than most people give credit for: Your appearance says a lot about you. It informs the first impression people have of you. And he wanted, no, needed people to know he was trustworthy, efficient, smart. He needed them to understand he came here to help. He needed them to ask him for favours. Then, one had to keep the various Invictus and Ventrue traditions in mind, where clothing became more than something to wrap yourself into. It became a message. For those that could read it, of course.
This was a long-term game, naturally. Today, he'd merely put out the bait. He'd have to wait for someone to swallow it. Once he proved useful and capable, more kindred would approach him. He'd garner Status over time, then favours. Then, influence. Finally, he'd be a member in good standing - a mover and shaker himself. He had to admit, he missed not having to introduce himself.
But that was then, he was here now. So what outfit said good things? Few to no ornaments. He wanted simple, straight-forward. Not come across as silly or, worse, overly proud. NY kindred seemed rather modern, so he'd ditch the old-fashioned getup in favour of something contemporary. Suits work. Maybe net him a negative in the trust department, but then again, he was a banker. He did not have to think long about the colour. He was Ventrue, through and through. So a suit, with a purple shirt at it's core. Now for the gold... can't place them to far apart. Can't put gold into his shirt, that would look ridiculously tasteless. He wanted to honour his clan, not insult it by claiming to be rich beyond measure.... Why, the tie. His crimson tie with the golden lines. He tried it on.
He made sure not to wear any jewlery, even taking off his watch. He thought with a sense of longing about the golden ring he was to wear, showing the house he was to join. No sense in dwelling on this now, though. No jewlery so he was not too attention catching. If you went fishing, you wouldn't want to hook a fish that was stronger than you, after all.
A dark suit, to show he was a simple Mister.
Finally, a nice suit most often comes with one decoration: a flower. This, in turn, was easy. Bluebell. Those who knew would immediately place him as either humble or knowing his place. Nothing said "I mean no harm, I know I am young and unexperienced" quite like Bluebell. Left Chest, of course. He tried it on, testing it infront of the mirror. He nodded approvingly.

Everything was in order now. Those who knew how to read it would recieve exactly the message he wanted to convey. "Onwards to new shores,then" he said, and put on his smile.

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