Don't Shoot The Messenger

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Don't Shoot The Messenger

Post#1 » May 8th, 2016, 2:33 pm

Samuel checked his watch instinctively, it was 20:35, he was running late. He made his way quickly up the escalator hoping to regain some time. He thought to stop but his legs kept moving quickly on their own, he was on autopilot and didn't want to be late.

Approaching the cross walk he waited for the little green man. What am I late for? Where am I going he wondered to himself momentarily before the little green man illuminated and he was making his way down the street once more. Most people would have been disturbed but strangely he was calm and subdued. A woman called his name from across the road, a very good friend... naturally he was too busy to stop or even respond. Oh God I am going to be late! he thought to himself.

Samuel turned a corner, a small compound stood in front of him. Offices and a small warehouse. A large secure looking door protected the business from the cruel outdoors, at least it appeared that way. He looked at his watch, why did he keep doing that? The clock changed 21:01.... it was time.

Samuel approached the door, carrying the parcel he had gotten from.... he didn't know where. He knocked on the door, three loud knocks.

Seconds passed by quickly before the door was opened. A rather gruff looking man stood in front of him, looking at him suspiciously.

Samuel thrust the package which was quite heavy towards the man. "Lord Bathory instructed me to deliver this to you with a message. He says he he hopes you enjoy your gift." Using a fingernail the man scored the tape and opened the box. A frown appeared. "Is he... the man stopped and frowned at Samuel.

Samuel shook his head and looked around, confused. "I am really sorry, I don't quite know how I got here or why I am here." The man frowned even more, taking his box and slamming the door. Several bolts could be heard locking.

Samuel started to walk down the road, hoping to find a street name... some indication of where he was. "Well that was strange"
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