Old Time Hockey

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Old Time Hockey

Post#1 » March 8th, 2017, 3:55 am

"They put up a Ward on the rink?" The well built man could have been anywhere from twenty-six to thirty-five and the hockey bag over his shoulder looked liked it just belonged there. The look of confusion on his face was rather unnatural however.

"The Toronto Arrow take this game seriously." The young woman had her hockey bag balanced on her shoulder and moved it and her body through the doors of the arena with practiced movements. "They agreed to let the other Orders have a couple of ringers but if those ringers can't get to the rink then it's not their fault."

The pair headed for the dressing rooms. "They, and by they I mean us, get three ringers right?"

"Yep. Yourself, Intrepid and I are the three ringers. Now they are pulling Arrow from London, Hamilton, Kitchener, Kingston and Windsor." A frown formed on her face. "Also Husky."

"Wait. The Husky?" The young woman nodded. "He's not from Ontario. Not even from Canada."

"Not based in Ontario but born and raised in Pickering so according to Brock he counts as a local."

"He played in the NHL."

"Yep." She shrugged, it was an awkward gesture with the bag on her shoulder. "Before the lockout and only for parts of two seasons."

"Still more than me." There was something of a bitter undercurrent to the words. "Sorry."

"No need to apologize." The young woman gave him a friendly pat on the shoulder as they arrived at the dressing room.

It smelt like a hockey dressing room when they opened it.

That smell was oddly comforting.

"Hey." It was Intrepid who spoke as he finished tying a stake lace. "Didn't think that you two would make it."

"They Ward worse than they kill penalties." That got the room laughing as the pair of new arrivals found space on the dressing room benches and set their bags down.

"Do the refs even call penalties in this game?"

"Occasionally." It was one of the Thearchs from Toronto. "Stick work usually, they let old time hockey go most of the time."

"The Arrow love getting their elbows up." That came from a Toronto Mystagogue.

"Chase was bragging about going for a Gordie Howe hat trick." Bell tossed a grin at his older sister from where he was putting on his gear.

"Chase is from my Consilium, how is she not a ringer?" The Hierarch of Vancouver raised an eyebrow. "She's on the UBC Women's Team."

"Apparently dating someone from Toronto gives her the ability to play in the game." Bell shook his head.

"At this rate I would not be shocked to line up against the bloody KLM line."

"What's the KLM line?" The question came from a Libertine in the corner who was then hit in the chest with a small ball of wadded up tape.

"Most famous line of the 80's, played for Central Red Army and the USSR." Intrepid shook his head in disgust. "You do realize that hockey was played before D2 and the fucking knucklepuck right?"

"Yeah the original Mighty Ducks movie." More balls of tape hit the Libertine.

"Shut up Pacey." The Hierarch of Vancouver's remark got several laughs at Joshua Jackson's expense.

"So the Libertines brought their fucking toy cars with them?" Firinn grinned. It was beginning.

"Better that they play with their toy cars than themselves." Even the Free Council laughed at that one.

"Does that make Husky Ogie Ogilthorpe?"

"Why not. Better put on some foil kid." More tape was tossed at the Libertine, this time a whole roll just in case he decided to take the advice.

"Come on, give the kid a break he at least knows Ogie." The Libertine smiled and sent a nod of thanks at Firinn. "Besides I thought that Gryphon was here to fight Husky."

"Why am I the sacrificial lamb?"

"You've got the largest profile on Hockey Fights dot com and are a Life Mage." The Mastigos shrugged. "Besides you're a WHL boy; there is something wrong if you are not dropping the gloves."

The Hierarch had to nod at that one. "Alright. But if I fight then Bell and Intrepid have to fight too. The O and Q need to represent as well."

Bell raised an eyebrow and looked over at the Guardian. "I didn't know that you played in the O."

Intrepid just sighed. "That might have been on purpose." The Guardian gave the Thearch Gryphon a nasty look.

"So what's our goal song?"

"Lady of Spain!" The Libertine in the corner expected the tape this time and ducked.

"Home For Rest?"

"That's what we sing while drinking out of trophy during the victory party."

"Brass Bonanza." That got several nods in the room. "It will annoy the hell out of the Arrow."

"The Arrow are using Chelsea Dagger."

"Of course they are, a third of them have Patrick Kane mullets."

"Brass Bonanza." More nods of agreement. "However the first person to suggest we change into Cooperalls has to fight Husky first."


There were a few seconds of silence as everyone in the room focused on getting into their gear.

"I've still got to fight Husky don't I?"

"Yep. Better put on the foil."
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