The Wicked Witch of the South

The streets of Manhattan, constantly in the shadow of the towers in more ways than one. Here is where all Mage scenes and glimpses go.

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The Wicked Witch of the South

Post#1 » February 2nd, 2017, 7:41 pm

"Wait. Could you, ah, repeat that please?"

The two women sat across from each other in the booth, a hot drink in front of each of them - A green tea in front of the older (but still on the young side of 30) woman and a latte in front of the younger woman who was wearing a Columbia University sweater.

"I would very much like you to be one of my Bridesmaids."

The younger woman sighed.

The pair could have been sisters. The family resemblance was strong and it was clear from the awkward staring contest across the table that a certain willful stubbornness that the commonalities went beyond their shared dark hair and attractive athletic forms.

"It is important to me Sara."

"So it's Sara now?"

It was the turn of the older woman to sigh. "Okay Aurora then."

There were a few seconds of silence as the younger woman sipped on her latte.

"You being a member of the wedding party is important to me. I would really, really like it, and it would really enhance the whole experience, to have you as one of my bridesmaids."

Another sigh from the younger woman who then sipped on her latte again and seemed to stare into space while considering the words or just what she wanted to grab for dinner later.

Finally she replied. "You always treated me like crap. I was always just some tag a long little kid you resented and belittled. My Mom was a Yankee so I wasn't fully part of the family or I was lanky and preferred silly hobbies like fencing, martial arts or soccer. I was never pretty, I was always just a 'cute' little kid. You made a joke of me never being a débutante. You said that I chose the wrong Order. You said that I was a fool for going to New York."

"Listen I --"

"Now you want to rub in the fact that you're marrying my first crush." Aurora interrupted the other woman. "So my initial answer is no. Hell No. Hell No with a side of Fuck You."

The cold anger in the younger woman left the other taken aback. The older woman made three attempts to respond but each failed, dying on the first syllable as she tried to construct or frame a proper response.

Meanwhile Aurora was content to watching the failings of the Thearch as she sipped on her latte. She maybe even enjoyed it. Just a little bit. Or more than a little bit.

Finally the older woman composed herself and took stock of the Arrow sitting opposite of her. She had been expecting the same kid, the same little cousin. She did not account for the changes that earning an Arrow Legacy and fighting off Cannibal Banishers would have on a young Mage.

"I was a bitch."

"Yes. Still are one in my book."

"Well then I guess you learned something from me." She had waited until Aurora was sipping on her latte before speaking and continued before the Arrow could respond. "First off I am sorry. Honestly sorry. I was not always the most considerate individual and I am not proud of everything I did in the past."

"So you see why I am upset."

"Yes. I was a grade A bitch. A disrespectful Grade A Bitch and I deserve your anger." She sipped her tea and allowed the younger woman to digest the apology. "However I am not marrying 'your first crush' because of your feelings. I did not know about those feelings. I am, however, marrying the man I've fallen head over heels for, the person who is my first thought in the morning and my last thought at night. The man that I love. I will not apologize for that."

Aurora slowed down on her latte instead of finishing the last bit left in the cup. "As long as he feels the same I would never ask for such an apology."

The older woman nodded. "I meant my apology. Honestly I did. I really am sorry. You are family, family I have mistreated and I want to make up for that. I have had to grow a lot as an individual over the last couple of years and that personal growth led to realize the mistakes I have made in the past. One of the major mistakes was my disrespect of you and your mother. Another was how I treated you."

Aurora finished the last of her latte in a gulp to hide a frown. She wanted to be angry. Instead she was slightly frustrated because she couldn't be angry at the moment. "Apology accepted on the condition of improved behavior in the future. If the past repeats itself, well then I'll never want to see or hear from you again." There was a finality in the last few words.

The older woman stared into her cup of green tea as she considered Aurora's statement. "Will you at least consider giving me the opportunity to show that I've changed?"

"I will give it full and honest consideration."

The other woman nodded at that.

"I'll think about the Bridesmaid offer."

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