A walk in the Park

The streets of Manhattan, constantly in the shadow of the towers in more ways than one. Here is where all Mage scenes and glimpses go.

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A walk in the Park

Post#1 » February 1st, 2017, 5:40 pm


"Sure! You could tell me a little bit about your view on Fate and the nature of Truth on the way, at least until we'll find trouble. Don't worry, I'm sure something will turn up" he finished with a grin and dusted some powdered sugar from his bandshirt.

"Fate is complicated so far as I can tell. I don't think it exists in a set plan because there are a bunch of ways to get there. However, I feel that you'll always be right where you need to be for the big stuff. For the events that no matter what are going to take place. "

"Sounds wishy-washy. Like someone that kinda manages to reach his deadline. Like one of my dad's old contacts, Larry: lazy piece of shit but brilliant with a computer if he got off his lazy ass and did something. I don't like the idea of a Larry being in charge of me. I much prefer to be in charge of me, myself."

Lilah shrugged lightly "I don't think it's wishy washy. I knew I would meet up with Salem. I knew that I had a pull to New York. Why where, why now? I could have chose to go to a bunch of different places and I did. Ultimately, I ended up here anyways after fighting the pull I felt. It could have happened in ten years, but it would have. You're meant to see, meant to do, meant to be where you're suppose to be. Like, let's take.. the twin towers for a moment. There were people who should have been at work, who were running late because their kid needed an extra hug, their car wouldn't start. Why on those days? Why when even the most punctual of person is late. Have you never thought to yourself if this was half a second earlier or late, everything would change? I know I thought that the other day when I was texting and driving and shouldn't have been and a guy went straight through a red light. If I had been paying attention I would have been on a car crash. I never text and drive but suddenly needed to know something in that moment. I think fate is always guiding us. When it's time. It's time. No matter how much you push or pull or will it another way."

"That....is a scary, very, VERY scary thought." Mirv looked kind of stricken.

"Ultimately we have a choice about when it happens or where even in some cases? In others. You're always exactly where you need to be when you need to be there. Try as hard as you might.."

"That sounds unfair and cruel in many ways. Like people are no more than pawns in some sort of twisted game, like they can do anything they want to, and still fail to achieve their dreams, simply because they were not meant to come true. I disagree with that state of affairs, wholeheartedly. And by learning Fate, you can try and change it, can you not?"

Lilah shrugged "honestly. I know very little now. All I do know is that I can make people sworn to do something and turn back time sorta. Kinda. I am not sure people's dreams don't come true. I feel like they start on the path say to be a carpenter and decide that they love painting instead. "

Mirv grumbled. "Hm. I don't like the ideo of being enslaved to something else's will. I make my own" he sputtered and stopped. A pause.
With less enthusiasm, and a sad tinge, he said "I make my own decisions. Their consequences are mine, and mine alone."

"Yes you do, Mirv.. we make our own decisions and have to deal with the consequences." Lilah linked her arm through his and gently squeezed.

Mirv nodded, apparently appeased. "Well then, m'lady, let us go on to new adventures then!"

Lilah grinned "well lets get to it. When trouble doesn't find you, you have to find trouble !"

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