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December 20, 2016

The pretty dark haired young woman was laying on her back in the meadow with her eyes directed upwards at stars shinning in the clear night's sky. Her intense but attractive brown eyes softened as she imaged a story for each of the lights in the darkness. A story about the events taking place on this green grass when the light from that particular star began its long journey through the vast emptiness of space to appear before those intense but attractive brown eyes at this very second, this very moment in time. Academically she fundamentally understood that both Space and Time were constructs of blah blah blah.

Yes that thought, that cold reminder of reality, was brutally pushed from her mind by sentiment and the memories of an awkward child version of herself who had been taught this experiment in creativity by her grandfather. Besides it was complicated. Oh so fucking complicated. Of course they, them-the they, were allowed to be simplistic in their concept of Awakened existence due to ignorance over several fundamental truths of Magic. None of which she really wanted to think about at the present moment.

With a long sigh she allowed herself a blink and at that moment her heart skipped a beat as an impossible fear gripped her - that the stars might be gone when she opened her eyes again. Her body relaxed as she saw that the fear was groundless.

She made no move as she heard the footsteps approach.

"Well someone is certainly not sober."

She knew the feminine voice with its polished English accent. The sound of the words brought a smile to her face.

"Oh very far from sober I would say." It was in her best English accent. Only proper.

The standing woman smiled but the brunette did not see the gesture. Her eyes were still focused on the stars. After a moment the old woman shook her head with the warm smile still gracing her features and laid down the grass beside the younger woman. "It is rather nice out for this time of year."

The younger woman just smiled and sighed in agreement.

"So where were you?"

"Monaco. Louis found a pair of items he knew I was interested in."

"So you had to partake in libations with him."

"Seven hundred Euro dinner complete with four bottles of wine and then I had to play wingman for him while he searched for Mister Right Now. Or Mister Right Then if we're speaking in the now. The present." The younger woman shook her head. "There was more drinking as we reenacted Top Gun. Only French Maverick hooked up with an Brazilian Iceman and I'm not Kelly What'sHerName."

The older woman laughed out loud for a good thirty seconds as she pictured the image in her mind.

"Body Control helped but I'm not lively enough yet to match Louis. Mind buffs and Body Control got me here."

"Was it worth the hangover you will probably have?"

The younger woman thought about it for a second, giving the question proper consideration, before replying. "Yes. Absolutely." She paused for a moment, even thinking the words 'dramatic effect' in her head. "A missing page of the Angevin Record." She then reached into a bag beside her and pulled out a scroll that looked both aged and hardy at the same time. "And this." She carefully, focusing fully on the action, handed it to the older woman.

The older woman took it gently and examined it. Her eyes opened in surprise. "I ... wow ... is this really ...?"

"As far as I can tell."

A covert spell flashed. The older woman's eyes opened a bit wider. "It is real."

"Merry Christmas."

"Happy Christmas indeed." The older woman smiled then frowned as she thought of something. "I have gotten your present yet."

"All I want for Christmas from you is someone to talk to. I could really use that right now."

"Oh really?" Wren seemed taken aback by the request.

"I need a sounding board to talk out a few potential theories." She looked up at the night's sky again. "I've got a theory it could be bunnies." Yes she absolutely sang that part.

Wren blinked twice at the singing and then laughed. "Alright, I cannot refuse to listen if you are willing to use such feeling."

Fìrinn chuckled and then moments later her face went serious. Well as serious as she could make it in her condition- which was slightly stern, as if she were dismissing a rude admirer while out on the town. "So all of the evidence points to Witcher studying in preparation for attempting the threshold. Her research efforts are meticulous - she seeks out all of the usual sources on Imperial Magics and then hunts for lost and forgotten tomes. She finds obscure references in obscure sources around the world and potentially learns more about the Imperial Mysteries than anyone alive within the Pentacle." The younger woman sighed as she pondered the question that hung in the air. "So what in the seven hells of Newark did she find?"

"Something that pushed her over the edge."

"Yes. I call it Variable "E". the E stands for Evil."

"Really. You just named it right now didn't you?"

"Maybe." The word came out a bit too quick. "Yes."

"Keep it, in a strange way it works." Wren winked at Fìrinn.

"So I have yet to encounter Variable "E" as evidenced by my continued sanity and non-homicidal good nature. Or I could have missed it."

"You believe it was a slow burn situation?"

"Her ritual required a great deal of detailed planning and she was able to hide all of that planning from her Cabal, her friends, her apprentices and her entire Order. None of those individuals were or are fools."

"So she was far from the cackling supervillain."

The Mastigos nodded, hitting her head lightly on the grass. "So she might have been Evil but she retained enough of her smarts to fool everyone she came into contact with for over a month at the very least. She was in close contact with her Cabal and most of the Mysterium during that period and none of the survivors from either group reported anything unusual in her behaviour."

Wren pondered that for a moment. "They would have gone over and over their memories to try and find the one thing that they missed."

Firinn sighed. "Even asked me to help. Nothing." She sighed a bit louder. "Nothing at all out of sorts. They did not miss anything that I could see either."

Several seconds of silence followed from that last comment.

"Well maybe the decision was one she would have considered rational."

The younger woman pondered the thought for a second. "It is an option I have begun to consider more and more often and also an option that frightens the hell out of me."

"An uncomfortable fact that caused her to take so many lives."

"Yep. As I said - frightens the hell out of me."

"Might not even be a fact, she was an Acanthus."

"Had to be more than a mere feeling." Things were serious enough that the young woman did not even make a Boston joke. "She was a Master of Fate, Space and Time. A Reality Stalker. A fact that is not public knowledge. Viewing the cracks in reality might have revealed something that shifted her thinking drastically or which caused her to believe that thirty lives sacrificed to an Abyssal god was a price worth paying for what she hoped to achieve with her ritual."

More silence as both women turned the implications of that last statement around in their minds under the stars in the heavens above.
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