[Glimpse] The most special day of the year

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[Glimpse] The most special day of the year

Post#1 » January 3rd, 2017, 10:42 pm

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Sometime between everyone going to bed and everyone getting up, stockings had been filled with the essential items -socks, deodorant, shaving cream, razors, chocolate and the likes. Salem had gotten a lighter shaped like a gun and Mirv had gotten a lighter that was shaped like a puppy. There were presents under the tree that hadn't been there before. Lilah had been awake since five and had held off until 6:30 when she began bouncing in bed to wake Salem up. He was the first victim after all, Mister Stubborn down the hall would be next.

Salem was sort of awake by the time Lilah was bouncing on him. The two inches of lift off from the bed got him the rest of the way awake, "Hey, hey. Calm down. You don't want to set off the gun in the headboard, do you missy? Go... knock on Mirvalad's door. I have to... thing and stuff so I can be awake."

"Fine!" Lilah leaned over and kissed Salem’s cheek, "Merry Christmas my love." Lilah then stood up and went sprinting down the hall. "MIRV! YOU'RE UP NEXT!" and then, she quietly knocked on the door.

No answer came from the door, but a faint aroma of coffee started to fill the air. In the kitchen, a tired-looking Mirvalad drank a cup, and I Kind you not, looked like he got ten years younger

That's not funny, Salem.” she crept towards the smell of the coffee and as she saw Mirv she grinned ear to ear "You -are- awake!"

Salem walked from the bedroom, dressed in ninja turtles PJs, slippers, and a black TMNT sweater. He was clean shaven, still had his toothbrush in one side of his mouth, "What's not funny?"

"I thought you had started the coffee! Look at Mirv, already awake and looking." her head turned to the side as she put her hands on her hips, "Does he look younger but not awake yet?" Lilah herself literally looked like an elf. In green PJ's, and black slippers that looked like elf shoes. The top even had a hood that could be pulled up. Around her belly on the shirt was a 'belt'.

Mirv blinked. "Yes, up." he pointed at his mug. "Coffee." He looked at them. Obviously, they didn't get his meaning. "Elixir!" Nodding contently at having resolved this misunderstanding, he moved aside so they could get some. As usually, Mirv wore a Coroner Band shirt and Jeans. And, inexplicably, no socks.

Lilah giggled and grinned "Merry Christmas my friend." Then Lilah moved to get coffee, not that she needed it. She was -wide- awake and bouncing on her toes.

Salem shrugged, "Merry Christmas. I gotta grab presents out of the car. Lilah, easy on the coffee."

"Christmas? I got ya sumthin’, too." Mirv mumbled

"Fine party pooper," Tiff grinned at Salem as she dumped cream and sugar into the cup, "Hey Mirv. Wanna see something?" She asked as she bounced on the balls of her feet.

Slowly, Mirv woke up."What? Oh, hey. Hello, Lilah."

Salem headed back into the room he shared with Lilah and came back out a moment later without toothbrush. He tromped straight for the door, with his wallet shoved into one of his PJ pockets. He grabbed a gun from the stand by the door and put it down the back of his pants as way of half hearted concealment before he left out, "Be back in five."

"Hey Mirv." Lilah moved and hugged him, placing her left hand over his coffee cup "Look what Salem got me!" It was a pretty silver band with a heart shaped sapphire in the centre of the ring. There was a grin on Lilah's face "A promise ring!"

"Ooh, pretty. What's the promise?"

"It's him and I against the world forever." Lilah grinned "Thanks for putting up with my Christmas crap". She then moved from him to grab her coffee.

Lights went on behind Mirv s eyes. "Oh my god, that's amazing! Congratulations, Lilah!" He said as he hugged her, "Also, it's not crap, it's just... not nostalgic, I guess. It's not my cup of tea, you know me, I prefer coffee. But I'll try not to ruin it for you."

Salem made it back, looking about as pleased as a wet cat, with snow still melting across his head and shoulders. He held a single box in his hands, "It's snowing. I hate New York."

Mirv snorted in response. Typical southerner.

Lilah squeezed Mirv and she grinned "Thank you!" Lilah studied Salem and shook her head "Oh my poor Texan. You haven't melted yet." Lilah moved to him, cup in hand and gently ran her fingers through his hair shaking the snow off his head.

Mirv watched the two of them and smiled, "Hey, Salem. My respects. You know, the ring. Takes guts." He gave him a meaningful nod.

Salem held up the box to Mirvalad, "Take this, sit on couch." He paused then added a smile, "And thank you. I think if I had waited much longer she might have gone to asking me. Can't have that."

Then to Lilah he handed the red floppy looking package she'd seen the night before, "And again I tell you, unwrap slowly. But you two get to open mine last. Get Mirvalad your stuff you got him, and join us on the couch."

Mirv grinned at that. "True enough, can't have that."

He took the present with a strange look in his eyes. "You shouldn't have," was all he said as he sat down as told. This was all so new.

Lilah went up on her tippy toes and gently kissed Salem’s cheek. She then walked on her tippy toes to do what she was told, going to root under the tree. She pulled out all the blue presents and put them at Mirvs feet, with a red envelope. She then pulled out three green presents and put them at another spot for Salem. She then moved and sat down with what Salem had given her in her lap, "If something doesn't fit, don't worry. It's changeable."

Mirv was at a loss for words. So he just tentatively started opening the presents.

Salem patted Lilah on the head as she acted in her excellent role as Elf. Salem hadn't wrapped the box he'd given Mirv, but without opening it, it was inconspicuous enough. Just a solid wooden box, though it was a little heavy. About 1'x1''3". Salem sat on the couch next to him and pulled out the first of the green presents and slowly unpeeled the tape piece by piece, with precision and a decided lack of speed.

As the both of them opened presents they would get a paint ball gun, a tub of paint balls in two different colours and then the gloves and mask. As far as she was concerned any more armour than that was for wimps. Then two band t-shirts were unwrapped next. Finger eleven and Disturbed. Both guys got the same band but different shirts. When the envelopes got opened there was a mushy card that expressed her love for Salem and friendship for Mirv. Also two concert tickets with a note that said "Book these days off!" It wouldn't matter which the guys chose first, they both got the same.

Salem chuckled at all of that. He should have known Lilah would want to go practice on something moving eventually, and this was a pretty good way to do it. He blew her a kiss, then held up a fist to Mirv, "I just want to point out that we're not allowed to use magic during paintball. Not even armor."

Mirv absentmindedly fist-bumped him, still at a loss at what to say, and nodded

"Kind of a self-help present to me, I know, but I hope you like it all the same." Lilah grinned ear to ear and then nodded at what Salem said. "You alright, Mirv?" Lilah frowned lightly, watching him.

Mirvalad slightly teared up. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply.

When he opened them again, he smiled. "Yeah. Better than that." He blinked out an actual tear and said "Would chu look at that, a Christmas miracle. Guess that heart isn't all that frozen up, huh?" He laughed. "Gosh. Sorry. It's just kind of a first genuine christmas and everything. Didn't see this coming, I tell you that."

Salem chuckled and gave Mirv a pat on the back and held up his paintball gun, "Well... if it makes you feel better, we're going to team up on you and shoot you with these later."

Lilah got up and moved to Mirv, hugging him tightly "And his heart grew three sizes that day," she teased and hugged him tightly.

"Heh, yeah, actually, it does!" He told both of them at once, and smiled. He then awkwardly cleared his throat, then said "I got you something, too." He pulled out two envelopes from the tree, and handed them over. Inside was a Text reading:

"Dear Lilah/Salem,

I don't know how this is supposed to go. I just want to thank you for putting up with me! I know I am a smartass and can be annoying as hell. You are one of the best people I ever had the honor of meeting. I know good people. You are them. Stay the way you are. Never give up. I got your back. Hope you like what I got you.

Your Friend Liam Allen.[[color=#004000]]"

Inside was a wristband with a Manticore Emblem for Lilah, and a Ring with the same for Salem.
Mirv pulled out a necklace from under his shirt. He was obviously nervous, "[color=#004000]So... I wanted to ask you two. Want to take our relationship to the next level?

Lilah blinked as she read the note, and tears fell down her face. She then looked at Salem, wiping away the tears. She looked to the bracelet and gently ran her fingers over the bracelet and wiped away more tears.

Salem grinned at the ring, and slipped it on one his left hand, "Oh, yea. I like where this is going." And then he leaned over and gave Mirvalad a pretty solid squeeze of a hug, before sitting back.

Mirvalad grinned from ear to ear, his anxiety falling away as he returned the hug. Not really knowing what to do, he went on to unpack Salem's package while talking to Lilah, "Hope you like it."

"It's beautiful, Mirv. Thank you very much." Lilah carefully went about doing it up about her wrist. Her promise ring and her new bracelet on the same hand.

Salem watched Mirv unclasp the box. On the inside was foam lining, and a pistol familiar to any spy fan- the Walther PPK. Beside it were two loaded magazines, a speed loader, and a long black tube- a not entirely legal in New York silencer.

"Oooooh my god you didn't!" Escaped Mirv's mouth as soon as he could see the contents. He looked at Salem and said in a different voice, "I was wrong about you. I thought Christmas comes only once a year!"

Salem chuckled, "You didn't have one on our last job so I thought, what better present for a would be spy?"

Lilah just beamed, watching the two of them. Yes, this was going to work. The three musketeers for real! Then she looked down to the present that was still beside her, looking to Salem "Hey... can I open this now?"

Mirv stopped caressing his 007-gun, and managed to stop feeling like a movie spy in the making long enough to watch Lilah open hers. This whole gift thing certainly had more to it than he ever thought.

Salem waved, "Go ahead. You are now the last one standing, Dear."

"I was too busy watching you two." Lilah began to unwrap hers slowly and carefully. Her nose wrinkled when she saw the towel. She continued to unwrap slowly, not sure what was going to fall out of this one. When the key fell out, a look of shock was on her face. She read the note and was all but speechless until she squealed and bounced, the keys in her hand. She wrapped her arms around Salem’s neck and she kissed him, hard. She squealed and ran grabbing a jacket, pulling on whom evers shoes happened to be the most accessible "YOU DID NOT GET ME A DODGE CHARGER!"

Mirv incredulously looked at Salem. "Seriously? Dude, you got way too much money!"
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