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[Glimpse] Vorfreude

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Lilah was a ball of excitement as Christmas got closer and closer. With nothing being said about who celebrated or who didn't, well, the guys weren't getting a choice this year. They were at work and she hadn't exactly asked but it was less than three days before Christmas. So, she had bought everything on sale and had decorated the house, starting with a wreath on the door, a tree in the corner of the room, lights all around and a few snowmen and Santa's here and there. Three stockings were hung in front of a fake fireplace that had appeared from somewhere. Each one was somehow different than the last. The one with an S with balls around it M with a snowman and D with a snow globe.

Salem stopped at the door when he saw the wreathe, and blinked. He let himself in a second later and looked around with suspicious squinted eyes, "Alright. I'm impressed. Also fairly certain we didn't previously own any Christmas decorations."

When Mirvalad entered, he squinted at everything. He poked a few things. Through it all, he remained perfectly silent, and didn't react to anything. Finally, he pinched himself. This obviously lead to a conclusion. He covered his eyes and sighed deeply: "Oh-my-Veil. I'm back in Hell."

"It's not hell! Just the living room.” Came Lilah’s voice "I'll take it next year is a no for Christmas. Alright. Mirvs vote is in."

Mirv listened up. "Can't hear the demons' cacaphonic choruses yet. Guess we're still safe," then he called to Lilah, "I appreciate your work, and accept the intention. Sorry for hating the Red, White 'n' Green Days!"

Salem chuckled, and looked over the stockings, "Huh... where's mine?"

Mirv followed his look. "What's that?"

Salem opened his mouth to speak, then caught himself and smiled, "Ah. She used our shadow name initials. Smart girl."

Lilah moved towards Mirv and then to Salem offering one coffee and the other hot chocolate "Surprise boys. And I don't know Mirvs name. I mean, Mirv but." Delilah shrugged "So we are using our Shadow names?"

Salem took the hot chocolate and gave Delilah a kiss on the cheek, "Fair enough, Miss Lilah. Any other surprises we should be warned about? Elves on shelves, or mistletoe we have to actively avoid walking under together?"

Lilah grinned, “There's only one in the hallway under the new light.. and a santa night light in the bathroom. Other than that I promise there are no more Christmas surprises besides your Christmas gifts. I don't need or want anything I just…" Lilah shrugged, "You guys deserve something under the tree. OH! And is dinner at 5 okay? And Mirv, if you're not up by nine I am coming in to drag you out kicking and screaming on Christmas morning." Tiff gave him a cheeky grin.

Thanks, 'ppreciated. Though I do not think we deserve presents." Mirv’s voice changed to a sort of Educated monotone "I am no Expert on the topic at hand, but it is my understanding that only those who behaved in accord to social norms receive gifts, and at least my Person was what would generally be described as 'a naughty boy'." Mirv grinned and completely ignored the subtle question for his name. Instead he challenged Lilah with "Getting up early on a day i could sleep in?! Try me!" and sticking out his tongue. "Dinner is always appreciated. Any excuse to fast is good enough for me."

Salem chuckled at that, "Oh, my friend. She can be quite persuasive when she wants to be. You will be awake. So will I. And no amount of coffee will save you from her cheer."

Lilah turned her head to stare at Mirv. "Game on my friend. As for the presents: you have been nothing but good to me. You're a good friend and -everyone- deserves a present. Though, yours might just be a puppy." Oh crap, wasn't she suppose to wait a month?

Salem eyed Lilah, "A puppy? I didn't think you two were ready for that sort of commitment."

"*Just* a puppy?!" He shook his head, then laughed and smiled. "Thank you for your kind words, but I don’t think a doggo and I would get along," then to Salem he added "And no, I am not!"

"You are so." Lilah said with a nod "Believe me when I say, I have never been more sure of anything in my entire life."

"That so calls your ability to judge anything into question!" Mirv teased.

"You have been warned." Lilah said and then looked to Salem with a grin "It wasn't a -no-"

Salem nodded to Lilah conspiratorially, "No. It was a 'not yet', dear,” He turned to their Guardian friend and grinned evilly, “Mirv, Lilah wants a Beagle I think. Because it has floppy ears and it's technically a form of bloodhound like you, we thought you might get along with it."

Mirv lifted his hand in mock surrender and retreated with a grin. He had something to do tonight, and he needed to be fit for that. "No amount of coffee. As if. You don't know what that stuff is capable of." He mumbled under his breath as he passed Salem.

Lilah's face lit up like the Christmas tree in the corner. She stared at Salem and then back to Mirv.

"It has begun. The cheer-pocalypse," Salem offered in his most cultist intonation, then smiled to Mirvalad, "We haven't gotten to know each other very well, but I think I have the perfect gift for you." then he smiled to Lilah, "You already have your only hint until christmas day."

"That's fine. I'm winning." Lilah bounced on the couch "Two guys that hate Christmas are going to come around.. AND BE AWAKE BEFORE 9 AM!" She called after Mirv for good measure.
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