[Glimpse] The Celestial Chorus

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[Glimpse] The Celestial Chorus

Post#1 » December 30th, 2016, 10:27 pm

Noctum ¦ Obrimos ¦ Eyes of Ain Soph ¦ Mysterium ¦ Linguistics Expert ¦ Striking Looks 2: Raw Latin Sex Appeal ¦ Defense: 2 ¦ Armor: 4 (Unseen Shield) ¦ Willpower: [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] ¦ Health: [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] ¦ Mana: 6/6 (12) ¦ Attainments Active: Prime Sight, Analyze Enchanted Item ¦ Active Spells: Magic shield4 (4), Unseen Shield3 (4), Influence Sound ¦ Character Page
In general Noctum was an open book. She would answer any appropriate personal questions, hell a copy of her diary lived in the Mysterium, everything showed in the diary. From the Counter spelling class she was teaching to a night at the movies. However there was one exception to this rule. Tuesday evenings, 6:30pm to 10:30pm simply showed as "Busy".

There were some things you kept private, and Tuesday evenings was something that was Private. It wasn't that she was ashamed or embarrassed about Tuesday nights. Choir practice was something she merely kept to herself. Some Obrimi believed that a certain god existed. Noctum was not one of those Obrimi. She believed in a higher power and that no religion was right or wrong. They all worshipped the higher power in their own particular way.

Her own awakening had shown her a source of good and evil and that there was a great darkness choking the earth. Her personal ideals and beliefs changed the more she learnt about magic. Choir practice was her way of focusing. Sometimes you had to concentrate on the little things to see the bigger picture.

She had chosen this particular church due to the way prime moved around. To Noctum prime was colour and shape. The colour of magic was Purple, well pure prime was anyhow and it flowed and swirled around the room almost as if dancing. It moved even more during Choir practice and church services and although simplistic in nature it had delicate intricacy's that could easily be missed. She was good at Prime however there was always something she was missing, most of the pieces fit... there was something missing that would have completed her understanding.

Choir practice had finished and Noctum had taken a seat inside the church to collect her thoughts. She paused, she could hear a faint song in the background. Noctum frowned and moved around the church, the song didn't change in volume no matter where she was. She paused, a quick forces effect later and she was confused. The sound was not present, not according to forces anyhow.

She started to concentrate again.... she stopped. The movement of prime was rising and falling with the song...

"Well shit... Prime is not just colour and shape.... its a song too... Like some sort of Celestial Chorus..."
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