[Glimpse] Christmas Eve Presents

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[Glimpse] Christmas Eve Presents

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Salem had made sure everything would be perfect. He was on call, but it was Christmas Eve. She'd be home from the store soon. Then it was decision time. He was on the couch, trying his best to look relaxed.

Lilah moved inside not ten minutes later, carrying three bags in each hand. Apparently she had needed more than she thought that she did or she had changed her mind about something on the menu. She unlocked the door and then moved inside, grinning when she saw him, "Hi you."

She kicked off the heels. She had hated going into work but at least it was an early day, then to the grocery store. She moved to him, leaning over the back if he was sitting to kiss the top of his head or the arm if he was laying down.

Salem leaned back for his kiss, smiling nervously, "Hey. Do you have a minute?"

"For you? You can have two." Tiff grinned at him. "Can I throw these bags in the kitchen first?"

Salem nodded, "Sure."

Lilah moved and put everything on the island before moving to the couch to sit beside him.

Salem wrapped an arm around her shoulders, "So I was thinking. Do you want to open a present tonight? I wound up getting you two, so you'll have to choose."

Tiff's eyes lit up like the Christmas tree in the corner of the room as she snuggled into his side, gently kissing his cheek "I would love to. I'll have to choose, huh? Well, alright. "

Salem produced the packages from hiding spots inside the couch. Both were about the same size- six inchies long and perhaps an inch thick. Both were soft, rather than hard boxes, with plain red and blue wrapping paper, "Alright."

"Uh..." Lilah looked them both over, one then the other, and back again "Can I shake them?"

Salem grinned, "Nope. Choose red or blue."

Tiff stuck her tongue out at him and groaned.

Salem held them up for inspection, both flopping a little in his hands, paper crinkling.

Looking over both she hesitated "Blue, because it's my favourite colour"

Salem grinned, and handed her the blue one, "Good choice. Go slow," He advised as he put the red one back near the tree.

"Okay..." Tiff watched him, slowly opening it "It's not going to explode, right?"

Salem laughed, and sat behind her wrapping his arms around Lilah's waist. As she peeled back the wrapping she found... one of the bathroom towels. Not even a new one. Lilah had a look of confusion on her face as she slowly began to unfold the towel. Inside, she found a small black box.

"Had to disguise it so you couldn't cheat," Salem said softly.

Lilah giggled and shook her head "Me? Cheat? Never! Can I open it?"

Salem smiled, "It's your present. So yes."

As Lilah tentatively opened the box, she gasped. The dainty silver band inside was fitted with a heart shaped sapphire. A single word was inscribed inside the band: Promise.

Art held his breathe as she opened it, and whispered, "I promise I won't leave you again Tiffany. I'll be by your side forever."

Lilah looked shocked, finally tearing her eyes away from the ring to look at Salem. The tears in her eyes already visible as with a shaking hand she set the ring aside and then wrapped her arms around his neck and shifted into his lap.

"God I love you, Art," tears fell down her cheeks and she kissed him.

"I love you too Tiff," he said holding her gently, "Sparkly enough?"

Tiff giggled, "It's beautiful... will you put it on my finger?"

Salem turned red, "Uh... which finger does a promise ring go on?"

"I don't know. I am putting it on my ring finger on my left hand. I am yours. I am so yours. Someday I'll marry you." she shifted and got the ring and then held out hand "Please?"

Salem took the ring and smiled, "Someday. But this is a step."

"Yes. It's a step, a big step. It's... I am happy with this."
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