[Glimpse] The shooting range.

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[Glimpse] The shooting range.

Post#1 » December 9th, 2016, 10:39 pm

Salem had been working on his pistoleering ability for a while. It had started out as a trick shooting thing, but lately he'd been moving into a more serious direction with it. Between the natural ability to actually put two pistols to use at once and his Arcana, he was starting to get ideas. Perhaps he should invest more into the Time Arcana...

He held up the Colt and his backup magnum and then looked over the weapons again. Perhaps he should consider using Apollo's method, and get the double D. Eagles. They were weighty, but having two weapons with equal balance would make life easier. And intimidation was as much a factor s their enormous rounds.

The buzzer for the course started, and Salem started shooting. He was quick on the draw, and his aim had gotten better in the last few months. But he still wasn't as fast as he felt like he wanted his natural abilities to reflect before he started using magical augmentation.

However... getting his firearms enchanted. That was worth some serious consideration. He wasn't sure what kind of spells he might have woven onto them, but he'd figure out something in time.
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