More Than Meets The Eye

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More Than Meets The Eye

Post#1 » December 3rd, 2016, 4:32 am

Aurora threw herself into each and every swing of her weapon, the katana moving with speed and landing a quick blow on a slowly disappearing target that was losing mass with each hit. After the tenth swing what was left of the reinforced dummy fell to the floor with the barest hint of a crash.

"Stupid target." The young Arrow grumbled as she began carefully checking her blade for any required maintenance.

She sighed as she examined the blade, no problems, and gritted her teeth as she glanced back at the other four targets she had previously destroyed. With another sigh she approached the side of the melee training area and took her sharpening stone and cleaning kit from where she had left the weapon's case.

"So what's bothering you?"

She'd seen Blueline approach but had assumed that the experienced Arrow would be here to practice. It took an extra moment for her to register that his voice was meant for her ears.

"Nothing." She ran the stone along the edge of the blade.


"Nothing." She focused on the edge of the blade.

Blueline looked over his shoulder and laughed. "Those dummies would tell a different story."

The Obrimos glanced at the pieces laying on the ground. "You would think they'd learned their lesson about snitching." She moved the stone away from the blade and carefully placed it in a small bag before picking up a silk cloth. The younger Arrow began to rub the blade delicately with the material.

"Well they certainly won't be very good on the witness stand." The remark got a laugh out of the young woman but her attention remained on the cleaning of her weapon. The man was content to watch her work, allowing himself a slight smile in appreciation for the dedication she was showing with the sword.

There was silence until she finally finished and placed the sword into its sheath and then into it's case. "Is something up?" Aurora moved out onto the training area and began to pick up pieces of the dummies then tossing them into a bin for destroyed equipment.

"Well that was my original question."

Aurora picked up one of the heads and did almost perfect form jump shop that caught nothing but net. Well bin. "A lot of things."

"The election?"

She nodded and picked up another piece of debris and tossed it into the bin with another jump shot. "Kinda hard to be a proud daughter of the Palmetto State when sixty percent of your home state votes for Trump/Pence. Non-consensual grabbing of pussies and politicians who support conversion therapy tend to piss me off."

"They piss me off as well." Blueline watched her toss in another piece, probably a shoulder, from another dummy. "That it?"

"Nope." She stopped cleaning up for a moment and sighed. "Just some personal drama."

"I don't mind listening to personal drama."

"You sure?"

"Well part of being a mentor figure to all you young knuckleheads is listening to you all bitch about things."

Aurora chuckled at that. "Last chance to back out."

Blueline shrugged. "Still here."

"Alright then." Aurora placed her hands on her hips. "So today I got an e-mail from my ex-girlfriend asking me to keep our former relationship a secret. She's apparently identifying as one hundred percent straight and thus what we did back in High School was "a mistake, a phase and not real"." The younger Arrow bit her lip for a moment and then inhaled sharply. "Going straight is fine with me but to close your eyes and just try to wish me away? That hurts."

"That was rather bold of her."

"Yep. Apparently its for a guy, one with similar beliefs to Pence. I would be merely content to toss her into the pile of regretted exes but for the whole relationship retcon request." Aurora underhanded another piece of a dummy into the bin. "Second real relationship. Two of two to be specific and the first with a girl. A year, a year of my life, and she's invoked our friendship to pretend that it never existed."

Blueline stayed quiet to give Aurora space to vent.

"Why would she do that for a guy? A guy she's met in her junior year of college? If he hates her for once dating a girl then he's not worth the time and effort or even of her. Big of an idiot that she might be at the moment." A large piece of torso tossed with anger. "That's not the only thing."

Blueline nodded. "What else?"

"My perfect in every single way Thearch cousin announced her engagement to my mom's former apprentice."

"Let me guess - your first crush?"

Aurora sighed and tossed another torso into the bin. "Yes. Thirteen and fourteen year old me thought that he was amazing, of course I didn't know that he was Awakened just that he was the son of one of mom's friends and staying with us for awhile. Of course it was part of that whole thing my parents were involved in but I didn't know the specifics at the time." A third torso tossed into the bin. "Of course he saw me as a little sister. Well kid sister until I schooled his Arrow trainee ass while practicing fencing and then little sister."

Blueline smirked at that as his eyes wandered to the destroyed target dummies. Well the pieces of them that had yet to be tossed into the bin.

"I called him when I awoke but I was in training and he was on assignment. We kept in touch, I knew he was seeing someone, but crushes are difficult to give up on." She tossed the last torso into the bin. "I just never figured that it would be her."

"You two not get along?"

"She's from dad's side - the Old South Silver Ladder. Awoke at seventeen, Mastery at twenty-three, just made Lictor at twenty-five. Future Magister. Always saw me as a silly little kid, mocked my dreams of winning fencing Gold at the Olympics, when I awoke she disapproved of my decision to join the Arrow."

"So not only is your first real crush, someone who had a positive impact on your personal development, getting married they are marrying your evil cousin."

"Wicked Witch of the South. That was my name for her."

Blueline grinned at that. "So let me guess you're feeling frustrated and ignored on all sides. Sixty million people vote for a politician who grabs women by the pussy, your ex wants to write you out of her personal history and your first crush is being led astray by the future villain of Wicked 2. Not a great month."

Aurora sighed and carefully placed the last piece away. "First World Problems of a rich white girl."

The older Arrow laughed at that. "More like a damn fine young Arrow faced with reminders that she's just twenty." He gestured at the bin of dummy pieces. "Expected to fight and potentially die to protect others from threats that would break the psyche of even the toughest sleepers. Not all of our Awakened colleagues in the other Pentacle Orders even see us a real people - we're the guards, the cavalry, the badasses. A lot of pressure and when it seems like the world can't see you either it is like a weight on your back." The Moros shifted slightly. "It's good to complain about that. Worst thing an Arrow can do is numb their emotions. To do what we do at our best we need to care about people and we need to be loved and cared about in return. Otherwise we get hard and we stop caring. Then we start writing people off like those Arrows you don't like."

Aurora nodded. "Everyone who cares about me is either Awakened or joining a line to break my heart. Any tips on how to get people to care about you?" There was more than a bit of real concern in the tone of her voice.

"Well for one you could take a night off training here, it would give the dummies and those of us with Matter a break." They both grinned at that. "Ever just hang out with people as people? Regular normal people and doing things like grabbing coffee together or going for dinner or seeing a movie?"

The younger Arrow shook her head. "Not really. My whole social circle is Awakened but I think that a few of them see me as me. At least like Apollo, Dragonfly, Firinn, You."

"It's a start but honestly young lady you need a life. Maybe grab coffee before or after teaching a self defense class with the other instructors. Maybe form a Spanish study group. Maybe ask a cute guy or girl out on a date. Make friends who want to know YOU."

Aurora inhaled. "I'll try."

"Don't try. Do or Do Not, there is no try."

That got a laugh from her and it took a few seconds to compose herself. Blueline as Yoda was just too amusing a mental image.

"Okay I will."

Blueline nodded. "Good. Now go and hit the showers before Colt sees what you did to his target dummies."

She chuckled and walked off wondering if anyone she knew would want to binge a good season of Community with her. Her her and not just the Arrow.
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