[Glimpse] Experimenting with Perfection

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[Glimpse] Experimenting with Perfection

Post#1 » November 3rd, 2016, 6:50 pm

When life gave you lemons, you made lemonade. In it's own way, this was an expression of alchemy. The idea that you had to change things. As Nicolas Cage had said in ghost rider 'take a negative and turn it into a positive.'

Salem moved to stand over one of the corpses and clicked on his personal recorder.

"Day 16 of Perfected Matter experiments One, Three, and Five. I've been doing some thinking regarding supernal materials. What can be perfected? I've heard rumors of flesh and blood being done, however it seems that perfection must take place in a specimen separated from the living, yet still living. This of course, makes one consider the ability to suppress life within a subject. A schrodinger's complex for certain. Perhaps I'll use Wanda the bird for this test. Corollary: Will Lilah be okay with me temporarily killing our bird? Corollary: Is it our bird or her bird?"

Salem leaned over and looked out the lab door to where the bird cage sat, with Lilah's former pet fish inside, "Note: Ask Lilah if she minds me suppressing the life of her test subject while I test if I can perfect it's being by shipping it into and out of Twilight for a few hours. I'll animate Rob and have him do it so I can work on other stuff. Corollary: Ask if it's her bird or our bird. Or if it's still technically a fish."

Salem paused, and shook that thought off, "This hypothesis does raise a lot of questions. If this works, will the animal's body and fluids are perfected, will this perfection be lost over time as skin and blood cells replace existing cells? Or will the entire genetic structure be altered, allowing new cells to contain the same supernally perfected properties? And what good would those properties be? Would the feathers be perfected as well? How would the perfected flesh react to Life transmutations? Would Wanda the Perfected Bird become Wanda the Perfected Fish?"

Questions. So many questions. He took out a marker and started marking the bald corpse with a rune.

"I will animate Rob now, and beg Lilah for forgiveness later if Subject Wanda dies too much. I don't think it'll be a problem though. I'll just ward the the portal for ghosts, so that no possessions can happen, and keep a close eye on the Gate while it's active."

As Salem etched the rune, he took a second look over the corpse he'd been reusing for experimentation, "Experiment Two continues to defy me. Perhaps mastery of matter is needed, but a simple transmutation of dead flesh into something else continues to elude me. Alternatively, the transmutation of flesh may also require more knowledge of Life, despite the fact that Subject Rob has been deceased for some time now. If I unlock further mysteries in matter but continue to remain incapable, I may ask Delilah for assistance in this project. Corollary: I need to contact that Bokor Blackstone gave me the information on at some point. He may have additional insights into crafting tougher minions."

As the rune etching finished, Salem stopped and glanced to the final table, covered in cloth, "Experiment One continues to annoy me. I've made a number of shapes and sizes to form the golem, but I remain happy with none of these. The form is stable but I simply cannot decide what to do with it."

Salem turned back to Rob the corpse, soon to be Rob the Zombie, turned off the recording device, "Oh well. Let's get casting. We have materials to perfect. Once you're up and moving, we'll get you loaded with the nonliving materials, and I'll throw up the gate and ward."
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