Donuts Part 1

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Donuts Part 1

Post#1 » October 29th, 2016, 3:24 am

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"There was a knock on the door. When Mirv opened it (after checking the spy, of course), the smell of fresh coffee and sugary goods waved in. It smelled good enough to cast a smile on his face. He tipped an imaginary Fedora to Lilah and said 'Much obliged!' as he reached for a Donut

Lilah was dressed to kill. In a high waisted skirt that was black and a light blue shirt. She grinned at him "hey Mirv.. day one of baked goods and coffee. Any preference for tomorrow?" She leaned in the door way, smirking at him.

At first, Mirv just looked at her and took a bite of his donut, saying nothing while carefully chewing. Then he smiled and said: "Same as today will be plenty good with me. You hungry? I just came into some donuts and coffee, you see...” trailing off with a smirk at the end.

"Sure. I think I have about twenty minutes if I cab instead of walking. Big event going on today. Not that I don't dress up almost every day but..." Lilah shook her head as she moved inside "I have Friday off, so I'll actually bake you breakfast instead of uh, buying it"

"That sounds lovely; I believe I'd very much like that!" It's been a while since he last hade a home-prepared meal. The noodles... hadn't turned out so great. Mirv let her in. "I think I have some milk and sugar for you to defile your coffee with" he said, disappearing into the slightly-smoky smelling kitchen.

It was a pretty small and impersonal flat, not looking lived-in except for some books spread on a table.

Lilah slipped off her shoes, back down to her normal height without heels she grinned as she followed him "oh come on now, not everyone can drink tar. "

Mirv simply shook his head at the lack of taste. "Then what do you usually drink?"

"Sugar and cream with coffee colouring?" Lilah offered with a grin.

"Ugh. I guess not everyone can have taste" Mirv said with played drama and brought out some sugar and cream. "There you go."

"Oh shush. You still have some here, don't you, tar man?" Lilah grinned and took the lid off the coffee before she started to doctor it "thank you, Mirv." Lilah looked up at him, less smart ass, more soft. "How are you? City growing on you?"

"Eh, not really. I mean, I get by fine, but it's less New York growing on me, and more me studying it, you know? Like the difference between an acquaintances you like, but would never consider a friend, if that makes sense to you. How about you?"

Lilah nodded "I know exactly what you mean. Familiar. Not home." With that Lilah shrugged "I have grown to learn and know that it's not where you are but who surrounds you. I have been a few places that have left me feeling empty." Lilah shrugged "it's beginning to feel normal"

"I disagree. It's not who surrounds you. It's what you do. What you have done and what you will yet do. There should be a reason for where you are and who surrounds you. In my opinion, at least" he threw in, like an afterthought.
Then, a bit more slowly "feeling empty should not be the norm, should it?"

"It should not..." Lilah looked like she had been slapped across the face for a moment as she studied Mirv. Lilah nodded some "nobody likes being alone.." she said quietly after a few moments. The lid snapped onto her coffee cup. "I should go. Got a big day of big wigs and showing off my skills. I hope you enjoy your baked goods, Mirv." Lilah put the lids back on the cream and sugar and moved to pull her heels back on; expertly holding the coffee cup in her mouth as she slid on her high heels once more.

Mirv noticed the look, but wasn't exactly sure what caused it, so he dealt with it how he was taught to: wait and see. Classic detective training gives you a lot of patience."No, no one likes being alone" he agreed. 'But not liking it does not mean it is not necessary or right' he thought. "I certainly will. Have a good one, and give 'em hell" he said with a smile. "And try and bring some more time next time maybe? I don't get a lot of interesting conversation out of this place" he said, thumbing behind him, indicating the whole building in general.

Lilah smirked "oh going to give out baked goods to see if you can make some friends?"

"Friends that cannot be bought with tar and sugary baked goods cannot be good friends" Mirv said solemnly, subsequent smile included.

Lilah smirked "I'll bring more... I'll see you tomorrow, Mirv..." with a wave, she was gone with lots to ponder.

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