Inside every person you know is a person you don't

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Inside every person you know is a person you don't

Post#1 » October 25th, 2016, 4:17 am

In a different time and a different place, you would have dealt with this differently. Now you have to do what is best for you, what is right for your sanity. You got out, now stay out. You have found peace and you have made your own path, don't you dare give that up for anything. Especially not for a world where you don't even belong.

"You don't have to make that call. But if you choose to, I know how to go about it." It was a simple statement really, something that had been meant in kindness and in love, something that should have been greeted with open arms and an open mind. After all it had been 7 almost 8 years. Perhaps they had come around or changed even, perhaps someone had finally gotten through to them. Lord knows Lilah hadn’t been able to.

Tiff hardly remembered her dad. He had been around a time or two, enough to make sure that Tiff never ever wanted to depend on a man for anything. He would say that he would come and then never would leaving the child standing at the door crying because her dad was supposed to be coming to see her.

It wasn’t entirely her fault, you know. Getting pregnant at 17 wasn’t entirely an experience most wish to go through. Tiffany had heard the story a thousand times. She had thought that she had loved him, that he would be happy. Instead his prestigious parents had paid her to get rid of the child. Perhaps if she had listened things would have turned out differently. Though, would she have been able to look at herself in the mirror? No. Instead she looks into the face of a child, the child that she blames for ruining her life, for making her into the monster she had become. Perhaps that was when the pills started.

Taking a deep breath Lilah shook her head and took another drink of the bottle in front of her. Perhaps the Gatorade should be switched for something a little harder for this trip down memory lane. “I don’t think really had anything to do with it” she could hear her best friend say. Tiff had spent many hours over at their house after school and on weekends when her mother was in one of her fits of rage or of “just do it yourself honey, you’ll only burn yourself a couple of times before you learn how to use the stove”

Being called into the Principals office had been fun “We have noticed that since your Step Father married your Mom, you have been a little standoffish. Over protective of your brothers around the other kids. What is going on?” Her mother of course said that Tiffany had been lashing out and aggravated because she was no longer the center of attention. Tiff’s Therapist would at the end of each session say “you have to quit blaming yourself. For a twelve year old you carry a lot of weight on your shoulders.” Lilah rolled her eyes and said out loud to the bird that sat in the window “some things never change, now do they?” Tiff never did tell the doctor about everything that happened behind closed doors. Yes, she wanted to, but Tiff didn’t want to be split up from her brothers either. She knew the stories; kids got taken from their parents and then separated living out of a black garbage bag.

Tiff had been six when her first brother was born, then 8, then 10. 10 years between her youngest brother and her. You’d think that would have made mom happy somewhat, well, not to say that there weren’t happy moments. There were moments when she would get sober again and things would go to normal. The boys would be happy and well, there was some resemblance of a life there of a woman that I could maybe like. Her house was always immaculate like a show home. Anyone could walk in at any time and the place would be cleaner than a hospital. With four kids people wondered how she did it; she was perfect in the public eye after all.

Years and years of watching her brothers, helping to protect them and keep the safe from the nights that her Dad wasn’t home, the nights that he was away on business. Perhaps that was his way of getting through it too. After all, with one adopted child and three boys at home and a wife that was a little more than a handful what could go wrong with leaving the kids at home with their loving Mother. The mother that had them cornered, kids screaming as they got hit for eating too loudly, or perhaps the same mother that had them scrubbing the floors with bleach because they had accidentally dropped a piece of their dinner on the floor. Tiffany always took the brunt of it, after all she was always the ring leader, the one that got the perfect boys into trouble.

Moving hadn’t been easy on any of them, however, it was supposed to be a new start for their mother. She had done everything to try and get a family member to let them all stay with them. They would of course, take Tiff in a heartbeat. Tiff could have finished out school in her old school. She studied and did what she needed to do. How could she leave the boys? Tiff couldn't stand the thought of something happening. So, she packed up and moved. Dad was rarely gone so it made life for the boys easier, they had a real adult to protect them and that meant that Tiff could plan anyway on this earth to get out of there. Anyway on earth for her to go to college and get as far away from the hell as possible.

“I can’t call them, I abandoned them, without a look in the rear view mirror”

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