Summoning The Iron Fist

The streets of Manhattan, constantly in the shadow of the towers in more ways than one. Here is where all Mage scenes and glimpses go.

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Summoning The Iron Fist

Post#1 » October 20th, 2016, 4:34 am

The older woman was tending the garden of a large Antebellum home when her student arrived. The woman did not turn, she had no need for such wastes of energy, and instead focused on trimming the rose bush she had been working on for the last twenty minutes as a set of footsteps stopped five feet behind her. She carefully clipped at the edges of the bush for another five minutes, all the while ignoring the student who stood quietly and motionless just behind her. Finally she shifted her weight to stand and then began to slowly remove her gardening gloves.

"You have been working on your patience."

The student, an athletic young woman with attractive blue eyes, nodded. "Repeated viewings of the original Karate Kid and The Empire Strikes Back."

The older woman smiled at that. "Between vigilante outings?"

The younger woman sighed, shaking her head as she crossed her arms. "That was once and those guys were following me. If I had dodged them they would have gone after another girl, another girl who couldn't protect herself."

The older woman put up her hands in a form of mock surrender. "Oh I have no issue with what you did, in fact I am proud. As was Blueline, which is why he called."

The younger woman sighed again. "Sorry I just assumed ..."

"... that your mother was a fussy middle aged woman and not an Adamant Sage?" Demeter grinned.

It was Aurora's turn to put her hands up in mock surrender. "Yeah. Stupid assumption."

"So are you ready for this?"

Aurora nodded.

"Alright then head in and change into your workout clothes, I'll be in a second."

The younger Arrow headed up the front steps of the large house and opened the door.

"Make it a set of workout clothing you aren't too fond of, something always catches on fire with Prime and Forces."
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