That's the thing about holidays..

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That's the thing about holidays..

Post#1 » October 17th, 2016, 1:11 pm

The drive wasn't entirely what was expected. Tiff had left in such a good mood and now with the wet and rainy outside weighing on her good mood she was starting to feel as sad as the rain clouds overhead. Lilah let her mind wander to the car that she currently was using for the day. It was odd with a rental car but she had really no idea what on earth she was looking for in a car so, that was one way to test it out. SUV, well, she had thought SUV. No, no SUV. Parking that thing in the busy streets was insane. Nothing like small town USA, no, no, the big city was far too busy for parallel parking. People honking, people shouting, oh forget that noise. Locking the doors Lilah tried to wipe the look of annoyance off of her face. After all, Tiff should be excited. It had been a busy few weeks but things were finally starting to slow down, or something. That's what she kept telling herself, busy was good. Salem challenged her and drove her insane. A shake of her head and a grin as she hurried through the wet streets. Perhaps it was time to give up the flip flops, after all she was now wearing jeans and not shorts. Eye roll at herself, yeah right. Maybe when it snowed.

Ducking through a small little alley to get to the street over Tiff let her mind wander. Busy. Right. City was growing on her slowly but surely. The sounds at night didn't wake her up anymore. That was at least a step in the right direction. She had a new friend, was Mirv her friend? Wait. Hm. He was a friend, of course. She trusted him, didn't she? Trust wasn't something that came easily so, that should say something. Perhaps she should text him while Salem was gone. She felt like the walls of the apartment were somehow closing in on her. Perhaps she should go down the the humane society and get a pet. Ha, bet he would love that. Come home and "hey while you were gone I got you a pet." Lilah considered that as she headed down the street to the little coffee shop that she had grown to like. It was absolutely no Tim Horton's but it would have to do. Perhaps a trip home was in order, hmm, maybe Tim's coffee could be borrowed off Amazon. Her hand reached for her back pocket and she pulled out her cell to add it to her to-do list.

Scanning the coffee shop she moved towards a chair, big and comfy in front of the window. Nothing was going to get in the way of her big plans today. Setting down the bag she carried in the seat she grabbed out her wallet and headed towards the counter. She bit her lip as she let her mind wander, it would be another family function. Another huge meal, something else that she would have to close off from bothering her. After all, she had chose this life after it had chosen her. Was it planned? No. Was it unexpected? Well, that was the understatement of the century now wasn't it? She moved a little further up in the line and shifted her weight. Alright, Tiffany, remember the plan? Coffee? Book? Snuggling into the chair under the window? HELLOOOOO!? Don't let the first good mood that you've been in in a while go to waste.

Perhaps if she hadn't realized what day it was. Well, she couldn't hardly change her brothers birthday now could she? No facebook, no twitter, no instagram either. Lilah didn't need anyone to torture her, she could do that well enough herself. No, there was no daily reminder of what she was missing needed, she knew. She knew it all to well. Her mind wandered and a frown crossed her features. It would be a beautiful drive to her grandparents, card games, turkey with all the fixings, left overs for days. Elderberry pie, pumpkin pie, Annie's famous raspberry cheese cake. Unless there was still a ban on the cheese cake.

Tiff bit her lip as she moved to the counter and ordered a large coffee with way too much sugar accompanied by way too much cream. After all who really drank coffee for the taste of the coffee? She shook her head, Mirv. She rolled her eyes as she picked up the coffee, lost in her mind. Delilah moved to her seat and pulled out a book before dropping the bag at her feet. Wuthering Heights, classic and so fitting of her mood today. Lilah swung her legs over the arm and snuggled down into the chair, before she opened the book up, ah, tortured souls. Today they would be two peas in a pod. Poor Heathcliff.

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