The streets of Manhattan, constantly in the shadow of the towers in more ways than one. Here is where all Mage scenes and glimpses go.

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Mirvalad¦ Mastigos¦ Guardians of the Veil¦ Status (Consilium): 0 ¦ ¦ ¦ Defense: 2¦ Mana: 5/10 ¦ Willpower: 6/6¦ Health : 7/7 ¦ Gnosis:3 ¦ ¦

Eating sandwiches and donuts all the time was unhealthy. Also, expensive.
His little Apartment had a small kitchen, he had all the Ingredients for a dinner and then some, and he was hungry. So Mirvalad decided to cook. Nothing fancy, just some Mac'n'Cheese and a small rumpsteak. Weird combination? He was no gourmet, he could make whatever he damn well pleased! So he oiled the pan, put on the Steak and set the heat on low. He set the noodles to boil (only 2 cups water so this'd go faster) and added the cheese. Then he went about his work, slicing onions when he remembered the Show he wanted to Watch was coming on and he decided to stop "for just a minute".
Fast forward. One annoying neighbour complaining about loud music ( "For the last time, I dont listen to Britney Spears at six in the morning!"), one Guardian phone call and a Quarter of a documentation later, his
Kitchen was filled with thin smoke, his Steak was as well done as a shoe, his noodles raw and hard on top, cooked in the middle and Charred at the bottom and his whole kitchen smelled like onions. It would take hours to clean this mess up.
He sighed.
"Guess it's sandwiches again."

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