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Lilah Graham

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Delilah ¦ Thyrsus ¦ Sodality of Tor ¦ Mysterium ¦ Striking Looks: 2 (Petite and Cute) ¦ Presence: 4 (Adorable) ¦ Gnosis 3 ¦ 7/12 Mana ¦ 5/5 Willpower ¦ 7/7 Health ¦ Active Powers: ¦

Lilah was born in a small town in the middle of Ontario Canada where the air smells of freshly cut grass, and Mennonites are normal and not something that anyone bats an eyelash at. Being from a place of 5,000 people where everyone knows your name, the second that she could see her sleepy little town through nothing but the rear view mirror, she was gone! Off to Texas for University, as far away from Ontario as she could possibly get. She was the perfect blend of student, always taking her studies seriously, and party girl. Work hard, play harder, after all.
After graduation, and her best friend moving away, Lilah did everything in her power to keep busy. She got a job as a Curator and spent her nights dancing away to keep her mind off of anything in her past. That never truly seemed to work although she told herself that it did. After a night of dancing and one hell of an Awakening, Lilah's eyes were opened to a whole new world. With nothing left keeping her feet on the ground she decided that travelling would be the best thing to do. She was always the ‘wild’ child the one that would follow her heart against all odds because it was what she was destined to do, with the thirst of knowledge she would always seek that out and see it through to the end. Being awakened and seeing the world differently, seeing it truly how she was supposed to is what lead her to choosing the path that she did. When it was over she moved to England. To learn and grow in her newly awakened state. She wanted to know everything that she could so that as she embarked on this new journey Awakened she could be the best she could possibly be. She learned and grew, starting to understand and grasp knowledge about her chosen destiny. England was amazing and she learned a lot, after all, where better in the world to learn than the place it all began?
As impulsive as she is, she grew bored of England, needing to expand her wings again she lands herself a job in New York and off she goes, all 5'5, 120 lbs of her.

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