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The Queen's (Matt's) Speach

Post#1 » December 27th, 2016, 4:46 pm

Hello Everyone

2016 has been a slow year for our little community. We have seen new players join and as is the nature of the beast we have seen some people leave. Whether that is on a permanent or temporary basis Ghostbuster and I wish them all the best. Some people including myself have had particularly busy periods of the year and this has slowed things down.

Still with the New Year in sight Ghostbuster and I figured we would create a brief plan on where the site is heading.

The Venues
  • As most of you have noticed we have started a W20 game (Set in Toronto, Canada). I am pleased to announce I will be starting a M20 game (Set in London, UK) and Ghostbuster and I will co-storyteller a V20 game (Set in Los Angeles or New York). His may mean is we end up formatting how the venues display a bit differently.

    • It is safe to say NWOD is dying with additions such as blood and smoke, GMC and now what I am going to call NWOD revised. (Admittedly some of the revisions are good.... some are bad). Players are moving away from Vampire: The Requiem, Mage: The Awakening and Changeling: The Lost for some of these newer systems or even others. The Anniversary editions have had a surge in popularity and some players are moving away from the games company completely due to their being too many revisions in a short space of time. (There is no denying right now the direction Onyx Path seem to be taking is to release a revision and a few supplements, using crowd funding to do so and then moving on to the next revised version). This makes playing the most up to date version of the game expensive and time consuming as it takes time to read the new core book and learn the rules. Compare this to Wizards of the Coast who produce D&D who on average release a new revision every 6 or so years. This is huge reason why many Larp organisations have chosen to not use NWOD as their base and continue to use OWOD, there are a fair few that have chosen to use NWOD and are now going back to the OWOD systems. Of course I may be wrong, but this is just my interpretation.
    • On the topic of games.... we want to be a role play site and it doesn't have to be all from the same games company. If anyone wants to run a side game... for example D&D, Scion... whatever all they need to do is ask and I can set up a time to have a chat via Skype and I can set them up a little area to play in.
  • Mortal: The Squishy will be closing. There is not enough interest to reasonably run this game. Traditionally its the least played game even at tabletop.
  • NWOD Changeling & Mage will remain. VTR is yet to be decided.

The Forum Itself
I am first to admit... I have not done as much of my to do list as I would have liked. I will be aiming to correct this (Before I launch any other games myself) The Menu's above need to be finished for one. However I have done a few things already....

  • You will all notice the Gallery is back! - Feel free to use it for your PC's pictures. However... please do not use it for things like NPC's at this point in time. The big warning is that if the Gallery causes issues with loading etc then it can go at a moments notice so please make sure you keep copies of your pictures. I will make a post once the the decision to keep it or not is made.
  • I have updated the forum software and a fair few of the mods that had updates. I have not found any issues however if you notice one please PM me with any error messages you get and what you were doing etc.

I am going to be looking at the Referral System as well as a few other bits and pieces. We will be looking at advertising on role play sights probably around the start of May. I want to get alot of the to do list done to get things where I want them before we advertise and have an influx of people.

Chat rooms
I am going to look at chat room solutions other than Skype this probably be on the end of my to do list.

Anyhow Peasants... Have a happy New year and hope you like some of the changes that have happened / that are to come.
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