[Coming Soon] Classic World of Darkness

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[Coming Soon] Classic World of Darkness

Post#1 » April 24th, 2016, 11:57 am

Hi Everybody

So as some of you have known for a while we have been planning to release Classic World of Darkness here on NYS! We have put in a lot of time, effort and prep to get this together. We will be launching the below games and I hope that some of you decide to play. These games will be set in their own universe, with each game focusing on a different city (Not New York)

At the moment we don't have dates on these, although I believe W20 is planning on June time.

V20 - Set in Los Angeles - Storytellers: Matt & Ghostbuster
M20 - Set in San Francisco - Storytellers: Matt
W20 - Set in Toronto - Storytellers: Ghosbuster

  1. The Owod Systems won't use the character sheets database. Its far too much pain to make this also handle OWOD sheets. They will use a post based sheet and a form to submit your character.
  2. A few changes will be made to the dice roller link up top, this is due to differences on what happens with dice behavior.
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