The 72 Hour Rule

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The 72 Hour Rule

Post#1 » October 8th, 2015, 9:38 pm

What is the 72 hour rule?

Play by Post comes with a unique set of challenges, one of them being we are not all in the same room together. At tabletop if a player doesn't make it or fails to turn up the other players know "Jim" is not there. This allows Players and Storytellers to plan or re-shuffle as appropriate.

On Play by Post something that can be frustrating is long wait times. This can actually prevent people from playing, make people lose interest or even make people go elsewhere because they are waiting for 2+ weeks for example. At tabletop or Larp you don't sit / stand around all session waiting to see if Jim will show. If Jim doesn't tell someone he wont be there...lets call it what it is. Jim is being a dick.

The Rule:

  1. If you are waiting longer than 72 hours for a player to respond you have the right to move that scene forward or exit that scene without any repercussions. There are a few exceptions to this rule.
    1. If you are waiting on a Storyteller the 72 hour rule does not apply. Sometimes Storytellers may be also doing other things for the venue although they all try to post well within 72 hours.
    2. If the player has announced their absence in the The AFK Tavern.
    3. If they have requested an extension.
    4. In some cases Storytellers may boost that character out of the scene. If you were boosted out of the scene you can not re-enter.
    5. You are in a scene exempt from the 72 hour rule.
    6. You are in a plot scene - you can move it along, just not exit.
    7. If you are in a scene with a player who is exempt (7 day rule)

What I should Know

The AFK Tavern is a post where you can announce absence and difficulty posting. It takes 2 minutes out of your life to be considerate to other players and give them the heads up. By respecting and being considerate towards each other it makes New York Shadows a much better place to play without people getting upset that they were 72 houred.

People are more generally accepting of longer waits if they know, it also allows the ST to plan and take action to move scenes forward but also leave it open for you to continue when you get back.

If you need a slight extension send a PM to the members in that scene as well as the ST, something short like "Guys mind if I reply back to this on Tuesday. Works kicking my ass right now"... Nobody is going to have an issue with this because you kept them informed and people understand that something may have come up.

What if I don't follow this rule?

There is nothing worse as a player or ST. You post and then the person you are in a scene with vanishes for a week or two then randomly comes back. When they return there is no "sorry guys X happened" they just post once then disappear for another couple of weeks. All we are asking is you are considerate to other people.. that's it. A bit of basic human decency.

Now lets assume that Jim plays here and does this sort of thing frequently. The Storytellers may decide to issue Jim with a warning. (Posting your going to be AFK for the week, or taking a leave of absence for an unknown amount of time takes 2 mins). Jim may also find that he has been boosted down to the slow posting group for plots. Even if Jims attendance improves it is going to take some time for the storytellers to decide Jim is ready to be moved back into the Regular pool.

What if I can't follow this rule?

That is fine, simply let storytellers know via the Player Support Center. We can flag your characters and account for "Slow Posting Scenes" where the 72 hour rule turns into a 7 day rule.This means we can match players to plots that are going to suit their availability.
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