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Vampire/Mage XP

Post#1 » March 20th, 2015, 2:36 am

So here is how XP is awarded in the Vampire and Mage Venues:

Each month a character who has been active in the venue and posting regularly is award 4 XP. Should they only be active for part of the month that award can be lower but if you're active for a month or really active in part of one you should get that 4 XP.

Each March, June, September and December PCs get a bonus of between 5 and 20 that is based on: A/ Activity B/ Character Growth C/ Contribution to the Venue D/ Playing the Concept/Dots. All of these factors contribute to the number of XP awarded.

Every year around the date when your PC entered play the PC is awarded a Milestone of 10 XP per year that the character has been in play. Time a PC has spent inactive does not count towards this bonus.
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