A Note for Mage Players

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A Note for Mage Players

Post#1 » March 11th, 2015, 9:04 pm

Just a few things:

Double check your Mana Pools to make sure that your level is correct.

Only a Sight and an Armor can be considered "automatic" upon entering a scene and only at Potency 1 with no extended duration.

Any spells in your banner (beyond what was mentioned above) need to be rolled and the roll must be placed in a post in the scene for which the spell is active. If the roll has not been made or placed, then that spell is not active.

Remember to make a character page that contains a banner with your character's avatar picture and important information that the ST and other Players need to know (Def 3, Armors, Attainments that are always active, High or Low Presence (1 or 3 plus), Striking Looks, Status etc. )
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Gabriella Conti: Mekhet/Invictus, Striking Looks 2: Deep and Sexy Eyes, Presence 3: Cool and Classy

Patrick Donovan: Antiquarian/Shadowsoul of The Winter Court, Mantle 4, Striking Looks 2: Dashing, Presence 3: Roguish Gentleman, Fame 1: Author

Robert Carraway: Daeva/Ordo Dracul, Striking Looks 2: Ruggedly Handsome, Presence 3: Confident

Fìrinn: Mastigos/Mysterium, Striking Looks 2: Naughty Nerd, Presence 3: Smart Snarker

Aurora: Obrimos/Arrow, Striking Looks 2: Pretty Eyes and Athletic, Presence 3

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