Happy New Year

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Happy New Year

Post#1 » December 31st, 2014, 6:26 pm

[align=center]Happy New Year![/align]

Hope everyone has had a good Christmas and is having a Happy New Year. For the past year I have been busy with things and stuff; work, personal issues etc so I have not had a great deal of time to do some of the site background stuff I was meaning to do. Due to the way my shifts fell I ended up with a few nice days of so I decided to put them to good use and make some changes I have been intending for a long time.

The Changes that have been made:
  1. All House Rules for All Venues are now located on the Rules Page.
  2. Changes to Groups: Before we just had 1 "Group" per venue, the groups dictate what forums you can see and what you can do in each forum. We have now changed this to be based on order / court/ covenant. This means each Order, Court or Covenant will have a section only those groups can see. (My Apologies for the emails you may have received as I was moving you all around.)
  3. Banners have been enabled in all the new forums, a new banner section has been created for studio 54 and they have been enabled in studio 54 also. (So you can just copy and paste the banners of characters that are in)
  4. Venue Icons have been changed to represent the respective venue's skulls. - We are currently working on getting ones for the orders etc.
  5. PHP Updated from 5.2.26 to 5.4.20

In progress Changes:
  1. Locations are being added to a HTML Page rather than sit on the forum due to it increasing load times for that post.
  2. A complete New Users Guide will be coming out some time in the new year (Text based and video)
  3. I WILL Get round to finishing some of the Ling stuff off (I promise)
  4. Graphics changes (you will have noticed some have already happened) We are still working on more and improvements to some of the old ones (The Rating starrs)

The Plan for 2015
  1. Update the FAQ to be more "Forum Specific" and also answer frequent player questions.
  2. Advertise for more players - Advertising will be slow, as a site we want to breed a sense of community and expanding too quickly could dilute that.
  3. Updates to the character sheets - There are a fair few we are working on to improve functionality and add functionality to these. One of the things is the history box, it currently shows the HTML markup in the posted section. The character sheet updates are the current priority.
  4. Updates to the Dice Roller - We are going to add a couple of new features to the dice roller.
  5. Forum Updates - In Progress, changes will be slow on this front. Also going to try to add a "Who is chatting" section on the portal.
  6. I will also be looking into maybe using a wiki, however want to make sure we get the forum, chat and dice roller 100% down before introducing this.
  7. A few new sitewide things like "Player of the month" (The idea is this will work via the thanks list)
  8. Update PHPBB 1.0.12 to 1.1 - This one is going to be like pulling teeth. We have added to the plan as 1.1 has only just been released, mods now work differently and it means current ones we have will stop working such as the gallery and portal. We are going to wait until mods we need are available.
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