Covenants and Orders

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Covenants and Orders

Post#1 » December 21st, 2014, 4:50 am

Just a general reminder that all Covenants in Vampire and Orders in Mage subscribe to certain beliefs which shape their behavior. Part of being a member of these organizations is upholding those core beliefs.

These core beliefs are sometimes rigid and sometimes rather flexible but every PC and NPC in an Order/Covenant is there because they generally accept the basic beliefs of that organization and those beliefs form a major part of how most characters see (and cope with) the World of Darkness.

I'm not saying that characters cannot struggle against (or break) many of the stereotypes that come along with these organizations just that there has to be something basic about why the character is in said organization in the first place. A Thearch can totally try to push for reforms in the structure of the Silver Ladder and Carthians can absolutely disagree on which Kine governmental model would work better for Kindred, a Crone can absolutely worship a god that has special meaning to them and no meaning to others of the Circle in the Domain and two Guardians can have absolutely different opinions on whether the Hieromagus is real or a myth but they still understand the need to preserve the Veil and keep power away from those unworthy of it.

Note this "Rant" is the product of what I have been seeing in a lot of different games. Autumn Kings giving Hope to the masses, Libertines petitioning structures of Hierarchy to punish fellow Libertines, PCs in Orders/Covenants for no reason but *shrug*. Merely just putting it here as food for thought.

BTW any players who are looking for assistance on learning more about these organizations and how to fit their PC or potential PC in can PM myself or any of the STs. We want to see everyone have fun and enjoy themselves, helping you find a place for your PC in this whole big, bad world is important to us.
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