Reaching a Limit

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Reaching a Limit

Post#1 » January 7th, 2017, 11:34 am

Blackmaw¦ Ogre Gristlegrinder¦ Summer Courtier ¦ Giant Merit ¦

The Ogre grunted. The effort of moving the weights was enormous, his face had gone red and his veins stood out. His muscles were burning, screaming at him to stop, and his heart was pounding so much it was a miracle it stayed in his chest. Despite this, Blackmaw pulled through, finishing his last exercise for the day as he pushed the barbell up from his chest and let it fall back into the mounting. As he sat down to recover a bit before putting back the weights, he noticed the few people present watching him. Well, he did just sort of set a record for the gym, but the attention was annoying. He got up quickly, drank some water, and cleaned up after him. Rules were there for a reason, after all, and if anything, he took them seriously. Even if they were just some no-name shack of a gym's rules. He hurried under the shower to escape the occasional compliment and astonished faces.
As what felt like near-freezing water rushed down his heated body, his head cooled down.
Get Stronger. That had been his motive ever since he escaped.
Now, it looked like he was reaching a limit. He performed ever-better at fighting, and there were few opponents both capable of providing a learning opportunity and willing to do so around. Soon, he would be neither able to improve here nor there...
What then? "The sooner Summer calls, the better..." he mumbled as he dressed and got ready to attend some sort of party. The invitation read "Free Food!" to him, so why not go and check it out? He wasn't properly dressed, but he also didn't give a damn, so that evened out, and Blackmaw went to calm his grumbling belly.

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