Glimpse: Flaring Temper, Dark Hunger

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Glimpse: Flaring Temper, Dark Hunger

Post#1 » June 28th, 2016, 7:30 pm

“What’cha lookin’ at, huh?” the young man said as he stepped in front of Blackmaw.
Evolution was a lie. Otherwise idiots like this could not have come into existence in such abundance. The Ogre told them in a commanding voice: “Leave.” He wanted to punch that ugly face in, but refrained from doing so, yet. All day long, he had carried heavy stuff from A to B, and he also had spent a night as bouncer before that, and the day before that with work. He wanted nothing more than to fill his belly and then fall into his lousy bed. (Sure, it was way too short, his legs dangled out, but at least it was his.) Despite that, he simply couldn’t watch someone being robbed by some shitty punks in the middle of his way home. The other two guys started paying attention while the fourth kept pushing his knife in the poor man’s field of view. Their apparent leader opened his trap again. “Oooh, you think you’re tough, huh, big boy? Well think AGAIN!” the scrawny youth shouted as he punched at the ogre’s face. “Huh. Surprisingly good for a little piece of shit” he thought. The punch hit, but in retaliation the leader was hit in the chest with such force, he flew back a few yards. Condescendingly, he asked them “Want more?” Contrary to his expectations, the Gristlegrinder was immediately swarmed by the other three. While they apparently weren’t afraid of the towering Ogre, they weren’t smart either, and got into each other’s way when attacking, so Blackmaw was free to get a clean punch or kick in. The robbers could withstand surprisingly much punishment though, so the annoyed Ogre made use of his Contract of Stone. This way he made short work of them, but just as he thought he was finished with the last one of them, he suddenly got stabbed in his side, deeply. The crew’s leader had gotten up again and attempted to stab Blackmaw another time.
His temper flared. The smoulders of his anger were reignited by the pain. Furious, he grabbed the fucker, and overpowered him. Breaking a bone was not enough to satisfy his fury, and blinded by rage, and hungry as he was, he chowed down on his assailant’s shoulder. At first, nothing could have been more satisfying. It was like giving in to breathing after holding your breath for as long as you could manage. He felt alive. But then, something was wrong. The blood. It tasted wrong. Tainted.
Drugs. Those fuckers were on drugs.
He spit out the blood and let the screaming pile of shit fall down. He felt pretty bad, himself. This had gone out of control. As he looked around, he saw the man he just saved from being robbed crawl backwards, eyes fixated on Blackmaw, making a face as if he had just witnessed Cthulhu rising and devouring. “Nothing feels as good as being thanked for your dedicated service”, Blackmaw thought ironically. He looked away and simply walked off. He knew there was not much for him to fear from the mortal side of things. Police had enough on their heads without researching “the big bad man trying to eat us” stories by crazed drug addicts. His frustration had another reason. His blood boiled even now, but this time, he himself was the reason of his anger. To give in to the Urge was unacceptable. He fought it back for so long, and now was nearly overcome by it, simply because a bunch of idiots managed to inconvenience him? He needed to work on his composure, on his ability to stay calm. He held his side, and checked the damage. The knife got him good. He needed to have the bleeding stopped. And do something about the damage. His belly growled. He deliberately set his pace, and went on to the place that would help him most now.
3 hours later, he left the Chinese buffet. He sighed. He had liked that restaurant, but it was definitely possible he was going to be banned from there now. He stretched. He felt a lot better, physically. He went on to go home. He was taking off the next day, so it would be a rare opportunity to sleep in, and he planned on abusing that chance. After that, he would have to think about what nearly happened today, but for now, the only thing on his mind was sleep.

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