Glimpse: Fighting your Nightmares

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Glimpse: Fighting your Nightmares

Post#1 » May 11th, 2016, 11:19 pm


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Emmett still wasn't content with what he'd learned. He'd spoken to people, trained, and been effectively slamming his will into his dreams on a regular basis to enhance his capability. But the Summerling would be there soon. He just needed a little bit more, then he'd be ready

And of course, Emmett'd have to find some help. Ione seemed like she'd be willing to do a simple Pledge at best. Wormwood might be interested in, but he wasn't sure how well his fellow darkling could handle Oneiromachy. And he was a Winter to boot. Reynard might go. He was learning to like the Benefoxer- although that might just be his own dementation.

He laid down and prepared for more practice with controlling things. He had some ideas but... well when you had your own personal demon on the inside, you had to be careful what risks you take.
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