You Can't Stop Progress

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You Can't Stop Progress

Post#1 » August 14th, 2015, 10:34 pm

King Julian ¦ Fairest ¦ Bright One / Weisse Frau ¦ Striking Looks 4: Hygge (See Character Page) ¦ Spring King ¦ Mantle: 5 ¦ Presence 5: Charming ¦ Character Page

Reports had come in that the sound of metal clanking could be heard coming from within the hedge. At first the reports started in the Bronx, then reports of the noise being heard was reported in Queens and most recently Brooklyn. Julian continued to press forward, cursing under his breath as he followed the Trod that lead through Brooklyn, through Queens and towards the Hamptons.

Most of the people who had reported it didn't veer off the Trod to have a look, they were smart. The Hedge was full of misdirection, it loved to tempt its victims off the beaten path and deeper into the hedge. The smart ones stayed on the outskirts but then it was difficult to identify if you were getting deeper into the hedge and of course deeper into the hedge meant closer to Arcadia.

He cursed again as he heard the first clank of metal upon metal. He continued along, the sound of the clanking getting slightly louder and more frequent. He was getting closer. A sudden stop as the ground started to rumble, the sound of scurrying could be heard as tiny hedge beasts ran away, removing themselves from the path of danger. In the distance a keening whistle echoed through the thorns. Julian swallowed hard and pushed forward, moving of the Trod and into the Thorns.

A puffing sound could be heard along with a sudden gush, like air was being released. He pushed through the thorns... Several Goblins, Goblins in that traditional sense wearing dingy overalls, a long sleeved black shirts and hats pulled over their face. One of the Goblins wore Dingy red overalls rather than blue.

Julian kept his distance, Most of the Goblins were hammering rails into place. The sound of the Gushing noise was evident, a large steam train from the 1860's stood on currently built track. Several flat bed carraiges stood behind it, another Goblin in overalls leant out of the drivers cab watching his companions build the rail.

"A 4-4-0 Locomotive. Nice." Julian was a train enthusiast, go figure.

The Goblin wearing the red overalls looked up and approached. "She's a beauty isn't she friend." His voice was barely above a whisper, his voice an octave or two above a normal persons and rough with coal and fire.

"Yeah. What exactly are you doing here?"

The Goblin beamed "Constructing the rail."

"Well of course." he could see that much "The question is... why?"

"To give the fine folks of New York access to the Railway network of course, enabling safe travel across the hedge in a timely manner."

"I see." Julian paused "What if the fine folks of New York don't want access to this Railway?"

"You can't stop progress friend." The Goblin paused for a moment "Just a few more days and the rail will be finished."

Julian smiled politely "So tell me friend... this railway... how does it work?"
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