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Blackmaw¦ Ogre Gristlegrinder¦ Summer Courtier ¦ Mantle 1 ¦ ¦ Giant Merit ¦ Defense: 2¦ Glamour : 5/10 ¦ Willpower: 5/5¦ Health : 9/9 ¦ Wyrd: 2 ¦ Speed 12¦

"I was given quite a few beatings courtesy of my Keeper. Time to pay back the favour."

Blackmaw grew up with 4 older brothers, and thus had to learn to aggressively fight for himself. He learned the lesson a little too well, which proved problematic in his job later on. As a policeman, his career was stalled and his superiors did not like him, because he repeatedly was accused of using "unnecessary force". While always acquitted, it put Queens' police in a bad light.
During one chase, he was pulled under a bridge, and ended up in a durance that broke him. He did horrible things, but he did them because he had no choice, and finally made his keeper pay a bitter price. He escaped back to NY, but started a new life, for his fetch leads his old life still.
He is back in his city. He is big, strong and angry, and he wants to help make the neighborhood safe. With all his might. With all this includes.

He appears as a huge man with big muscles. Not the bodybuilder type, either, but rather the functional stocky build of a strongman. He has brown short hair and has comparatively long arms.
His Mien is a towering giant, rippling with muscles, with a big, wide nose and long thready black hair. He can open his mouth suprisingly wide and his teeth are two rows of black, short and jagged stone and made for ripping big chunks of flesh out of struggling opponents. His skin is greenish and strewn with scars of all shapes and forms, but most prominent is a huge mark on his chest, close to his heart. He seems to be slightly out of proportion, with very long arms and shortish legs. His hands are large and his nails are thick and chipped. The white of Blackmaw's eyes is completely covered with a dark brown hue, and his pupils left as small pinpoints.
Approximation of Mien:

Mantle: Heat emenates from Blackmaw, a dry heat reminding of a forge or a bonfire from a distance

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