2017 I Hate Valentine's Day Party

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2017 I Hate Valentine's Day Party

Post#1 » February 17th, 2017, 6:33 am

Club B doesn't really need a fancy name. It had location, smack dab on the tradition boundary between Chelsea and the Meatpacking District. It had the talent, being a spot known for guest appearances by NYC's best local DJs, local musicians, and kick ass theme nights. It also had the reputation as the kind of place where everyone had fun, where who you were in every day life did not matter and the mask you showed to the world could be removed for a night. Motto of the establishment was "Be Free" and the place did its best to live up to that standard.

There were two floors to the establishment, the large first floor with space for over five hundred, five fully stocked bars and actually enough restrooms, and the VIP second floor with room for three hundred, three fully stocked bars, semi-private booths, six private rooms which fit ten to fifteen people each and full bottle service.

The place was crazy almost every night but tonight, on the 14th, was the club's most famous night: The I Hate Valentine's Day Party.

This was the event for crazy couples, daring singles, and everyone else. It was dedicated to all of those who hated the day, who resented the crass commercialization of affection, loathed the pressure from friends and family to find "Mister or Miss Right", hated the subtle expectations placed on both genders by the nature of the day. It was an event for people to just be themselves, to have fun, to let loose, to meet old or new friends, and to Hate Valentine's Day together.

All PCs are invited and have VIP tickets. The club does not give out drink tickets ... however there is an unofficial policy where the price of a drink is lowered to a penny for anyone willing to play a round of Truth or Dare.

Mage PCs know that this club is owned by Donatien of the Silver Ladder.

For all PCs ... remember the follow the Studio 54 rules.

All Kindred automatically have Blush of Health and the ability to keep food down until the end of the scene. Predator's Taint is also not a factor.

The Music -


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She made sure to hit up Donatien when she hit the bar for the first time. The Thearch always had a ready smile for her and just as readily broke out the top notch Scotch when she made an appearance at Club B.

Of course she had to tease him and in the spirit of that expectation she approached the bar with a hundred dollar bill that caused a slight look of sadness to form on his features. The look disappeared when the bill was placed in the bar's tip jar and a single penny was revealed under it.

"Dare." She spoke the word with a grin. "Scotch on the rocks. Just a few rocks."

The Thearch made the drink and passed it over to the young woman before leaning over and whispering something in her ear.

She nodded twice. "Good one." The Thearch smiled at the praise and went off to service the next customer.

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Aurora made due with one of the Sleepwalker bartenders, she flashed the man a smile that was returned and added a fifty to the tip jar before placing a penny on the bar.

"Southern Comfort, Ice and Coke. Also Truth."

The man nodded and began to make the drink. "What is your guilty pleasure love song?"

Aurora smirked. "Easy. Tie between Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me" and Bryan Adams "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You"."

The bartender nodded with his own smile. "The song from that bad Robin Hood movie?"

Aurora put on a look of mock offense. "That movie is awesome. Alan Rickman, Morgan Freeman, Costner's terrible accent and a random Sean Connery cameo - what more could you want?"

The bartender chuckled and shook his head. "Okay okay I will admit that it's a fun movie." Having admitted defeat he moved on to the nearest customer at the bar.
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