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All About Studio 54

Post#1 » November 26th, 2013, 2:42 pm

What is Studio 54?
Studio 54 is purely a forum for Cross Venue social scenes that are held in a "Safe" environment. It is a place where you can have fun with your character or characters and socialize with what you assume to be "Mortals"... in reality these are Changelings, Mages, Vampires etc but you don't know that.

The Magic of 54
When we say safe environment what this means is.... no other game line is going to find out about your character being a mage, a werewolf etc. This is the one rule we are pretty strict on in Studio 54.

What this means is... You know the other characters from your venue, any character from any other venue and they just appear human. This also means you are not allowed to tell any other character what you are. The Vampires still must remember the masquerade, The changelings must remember freehold laws about remaining hidden etc.

Why you ask? Common sense mostly. Sure having a mage contact is cool, however its a royal pain in the ass to start bringing mages into changeling or vampire plots. In the game background each venue has allocated contacts to deal with the other venues. This ensures communication in the city that is shared however each group is naturally paranoid about each other.

For example. Joan is a Vampire, Chris is a Changeling. They tell each other what they are. Here is how it goes down.

Joan: The Prince finds out, deems it to be a breach of the masquerade and issues a blood hunt. She is now also worried because Changelings can walk around in the daylight and she has heard rhumors of what they can do. She would naturally fear a war. The Winter court have also found out and are planning to assassinate Joan to keep the secret safe. The Vampires head into court one day to find a box of ashes and a note saying "Your Welcome" from The White Queen

Chris: Chris has broken the freeholds laws and as a result his pledge to his court is broken. The Winter Court now see him as a risk, the vampires also see him as a risk and have the Sheriff out looking for him. Chris simply... goes missing one night. No one is sure... apart from the Winters assigned to deal with the problem and the sheriff.

In The Background: The Tension between Vampires and Changelings gets to breaking point. The Vampires are not happy that the changelings took matters into their own hands. The Changelings are not happy the Vampires sent the sheriff after Chris rather than let them deal with him. The situation seriously damages the fragile relationship they had.

Can my Character know that X is a X?
Only if the situation comes up In Game. What this means is if we run some sort of cross venue storyline etc. This is something that will be "Rare" and is to be honest... un-tested at this point. Should we do it, we will do a test run under the conditions that should it be deemed a failure then we will do a roll back. The plot never happened.

Can I create a Studio 54 Event?
If your character wants to host a Studio 54 event then you need to first speak to your venue's storytellers. As long as that slot is not taken by another event its likely to be a yes. Remember, you are still acting within your characters "dots" so renting say.... the Met Museum for a night without resources 5 is likely to be denied. When you ask the ST send along the concept for the event and the ST will approve or deny it and we will slot it in somewhere.

The Schedule
January - New Years Eve - Hosted by the Changeling Venue
February -
March -
April -
May -
June - Gay Pride (Hosted by any venue)
July -
August -
September -
October - Halloween - Hosted by the Vampire Venue (Usually held in Republic but subject to change)
November -
December - No Events are held in December due to a. Christmas and b. Thanksgiving (Posting gets pretty slow around here)
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