Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on New York Shadows. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Sitewide Rules

    1. General

      1. Types of Scene

        There are three types of scene. A PC can be in as many stickies as they wish, 1 Pure Social and 1 Plot scene at anytime. Pure Social and Plot scenes happen on the day they finish however, so until that night is "done" you cannot begin to regain WP spent during it.

        • A Sticky will usually be an important meeting of some sort, say an Official Court or a Clan / Covenant Meeting or a Major event such as a Blood Hunt.
        • A Pure Social scene is what the title implies, Kindred hanging out in a location, chilling, making contacts and playing the social game.
        • A Plot scene is where there will be related to the many specific plots in the game. It would be a tense meeting with certain people, to an investigation or combat. Heck it could be all social, all mental, all combat or any combo of all three. #
      2. Editing Posts

        Currently at this point in time we allow players to edit their own posts, we allow players to do this in good faith however there are a few rules to go with it.
        • You may change your post any time up until someone else posts. (If you make a mistake my advice is try to contact the players first if you have them on skype just so they can give you time to correct it)
        • You may correct formatting & Spelling errors at any time as long as it does not change the flavor of the post. (If you think something and accidentally put speech marks and the next person reacts to it you can't remove the speech marks)
        • People who abuse the Editing feature may receive a warning or even a ban and it could result in site wide removal. #
    2. WOD 2.0

      The World of Darkness 2.0 is in the process of being released, currently NYS has not caught up to the 2.0 line. At this time there are no plans to bring 2.0 over. #
    3. The 72 hour rule

      Play by Post comes with a unique set of challenges, one of them being we are not all in the same room together. At tabletop if a player doesn't make it or fails to turn up the other players know "Jim" is not there. This allows Players and Storytellers to plan or re-shuffle as appropriate.

      On Play by Post something that can be frustrating is long wait times. This can actually prevent people from playing, make people lose interest or even make people go elsewhere because they are waiting for 2+ weeks for example. At tabletop or Larp you don't sit / stand around all session waiting to see if Jim will show. If Jim doesn't tell someone he wont be there...lets call it what it is. Jim is being a dick.

      The Rule:
      1. If you are waiting longer than 72 hours for a player to respond you have the right to move that scene forward or exit that scene without any repercussions. There are a few exceptions to this rule.
        1. If you are waiting on a Storyteller the 72 hour rule does not apply. Sometimes Storytellers may be also doing other things for the venue although they all try to post well within 72 hours.
        2. If the player has announced their absence in the The AFK Tavern.
        3. If they have requested an extension.
        4. In some cases Storytellers may boost that character out of the scene. If you were boosted out of the scene you can not re-enter.
        5. You are in a scene exempt from the 72 hour rule.
        6. You are in a plot scene - you can move it along, just not exit.
        7. If you are in a scene with a player who is exempt (7 day rule)

      What I should Know
      The AFK Tavern is a post where you can announce absence and difficulty posting. It takes 2 minutes out of your life to be considerate to other players and give them the heads up. By respecting and being considerate towards each other it makes New York Shadows a much better place to play without people getting upset that they were 72 houred.

      People are more generally accepting of longer waits if they know, it also allows the ST to plan and take action to move scenes forward but also leave it open for you to continue when you get back.

      If you need a slight extension send a PM to the members in that scene as well as the ST, something short like "Guys mind if I reply back to this on Tuesday. Works kicking my ass right now"... Nobody is going to have an issue with this because you kept them informed and people understand that something may have come up.

      What if I don't follow this rule?
      There is nothing worse as a player or ST. You post and then the person you are in a scene with vanishes for a week or two then randomly comes back. When they return there is no "sorry guys X happened" they just post once then disappear for another couple of weeks. All we are asking is you are considerate to other people.. that's it. A bit of basic human decency.

      Now lets assume that Jim plays here and does this sort of thing frequently. The Storytellers may decide to issue Jim with a warning. (Posting your going to be AFK for the week, or taking a leave of absence for an unknown amount of time takes 2 mins). Jim may also find that he has been boosted down to the slow posting group for plots. Even if Jims attendance improves it is going to take some time for the storytellers to decide Jim is ready to be moved back into the Regular pool.

      This helps storytellers plan as well, you may have a few scenes for the same plot and it means we can time them better.

      What if I can't follow this rule?

      That is fine, simply let storytellers know via the Player Support Center. We can flag your characters and account for "Slow Posting Scenes" where the 72 hour rule turns into a 7 day rule.This means we can match players to plots that are going to suit their availability. #

    1. CTL: Accounting & Admin

      1. Glamour
        • All Characters start off the game with 1/2 their Max Glamor pool + 1 point per dot of Harvest.
        • Pools do not refresh when you enter new scenes.
        • All characters participating in a venue wide social scene or site wide social scene may regain +1 Glamor.
        • Characters can make a roll to harvest glamor when entering a scene. You get 1 dot of Glamor per success. (This must be done in the first post when you enter)
        • Characters can completely fill their Glamor pool by writing a glimpse. This can be your character harvesting the glamor or it can be about something else. Writing a glimpse also enables you to regain +1 willpower.
        • Any Changes to Glamor take effect in the next new scene. (If you roll when you enter a scene it applies straight away. If half way through a scene you write a glimpse it wont take effect until you enter a new scene. #
      2. Health
        The below assumes all characters will have had medical attention by the time they enter a new scene.
        • All Bashing Damage is healed by the next scene you enter (This includes Glimpses)
        • 2 Points of Aggravated Damage will Downgrade to lethal per new scene.(This includes Glimpses)
        • 4 points of Lethal Damage will Downgrade to bashing per new scene.
        • You can not downgrade lethal that has just been downgraded from Aggravated.
        Example: Jack gets into a fight with a hedge beast and is looking worse for ware. His health is as follows [*][*][X][X][/][/][ ] Jack writes a mood which Automatically a. Heals the bashing, B) Downgrades the Aggravated to Lethal and C) Heals up to 4 Lethal. His heal boxes now look like this: [X][X][/][/][ ][ ][ ] - Jack only had 2 Lethal and you can heal up to 4.... however in this case Jack could only heal two lethal as the other 2 points would have been from the Aggravated damage downgrade. Jack then writes a Glimpse. He heals all bashing again and downgrades the lethal to Bashing. [/][/][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] In Jacks next scene his health would have returned to normal. #
      3. Willpower
        • Characters regain +1 Willpower per new scene they enter (This includes social scenes and Glimpses as well)
        • Players may PM the ST to put a case forward that they fulfilled their Virtue or Vice to possibly get another +1 Willpower back. Virtue is per story arch and a full refresh. Vice is per scene and +1 back.
        • Any Changes to Willpower take effect in the next new scene. (If half way through a scene you write a glimpse it wont take effect until you enter a new scene. #
    2. CTL: General

      1. Firearms & The Hedge
        The hedge is a strange, wonderfull and scary place. It is a place that does not follow the same rules and quite often seems to decide "Gravity... we don't need to obey those crazy rules." As a result the hedge seems to have a dislike to modern firearms which are at a -3 to use while within the hedge, this includes Hollows as well (as they are part of the hedge).

        There is an exception to this rule... Antique style weapons work within the hedge and do not have the -3 modifier.

        Antique Weapons Chart #
    3. CTL: Contracts

      1. The Contract of Elements
        The Contract of Elements allows you to buy different elements at different levels. To be honest this is an accounting nightmare where character sheets are concerned. As a house rule each element is a separate contract. So you would need to buy all lower levels of that element as well. For example Johnny has Elements (Fire) 2, he wants to buy Elements (Water) 3. Under the house rule Johnny would need to buy Elements (Water) 1 & 2 before he buys the third level. #
  3. *** MAGE: THE AWAKENING ***

    1. Accounting & Admin

      1. Character Banners
        The standard site rule for banners is fine for Mage, just remember to list all active Spells, including the spell level for Armors/Shields/Other Dice giving or subtracting powers that others need to react to. Mage Armor, Mental Shield, Transform/Suppress Aura, First Impressions (for soft RP considerations when the spell effects another individual), Acceleration (when active) are all examples of spells you should list something for, either the level of Armor/Shield or the Potency for spells that use potency. (Example: Mental Shield (3) for a Disciple of Mind with this cast on themselves, Untouchable (4) for an Adapt of Space, Suppress Aura (5) if you achieved 5 successes on the casting roll).

        Feel free to list a character's Legacy if the character makes such information public among the Awakened Community and remember to subtract WP and Mana when used and list any damage taken in the scene. #
      2. Banned / Restricted Merits
        • All merits from the Banisher Book with the exception of Armory and Fence.
        • While not banned, the Luxury Merit from the Seer of the Throne book is subject to ST approval.
        • Predator’s Innocence is Banned.
        • As a general note sanctioned merits from individual Order books that are not dependent on membership in a particular Order (there are some examples in the Free Council book) are open to all players. #
      3. Goodwill
        The Goodwill status trait measures the respect another Order has for a specific character and any character can nominate another character who they believe is deserving of being recognized for living up to the values their Order stands for. The trait is measured on a scale of 1 to 5 and a member of the Order in question can suggest that a member of another Order be given a number of dots in Goodwill up to the level of their own Order Status.

        Mechanically Goodwill gives a Mage the opportunity to cast spells specifically from that Order's book, of a power level up to the number of dots of Goodwill they possess. #
      4. Healing
        Between non-continuation scenes all Bashing damage is healed. Up to three points of Lethal damage can be healed without the aid of health care or magical means, if the character takes steps to get access to health care or magical means of healing (visiting a hospital, being healed by a Cabal mate or friend, making a deal for healing) then merely PM the Mage ST staff with the desired action and we will get inform you how much damage as been healed.

        One point of Aggravated damage is healed between non-continuation scenes and healing can be sped up using similar means as Lethal damage.

        For characters exiting plots scenes which have lasted longer than one month all natural healing effects are doubled. #
      5. Mana

        A PC's Mana Pool to begin a new scene will be based on the following formula: Half of their Maximum Mana (rounded up) + highest single rank in Hallow (if a PC has access to a shared Hallow and a personal Hallow, only the dots from the greater will apply) + 1 for each level of Attainment they have reached if they are part of a Legacy.

        Tass is acquired when a player chooses to have their character enter a scene with their normal Mana Pool. A number of points of Mana equal to the character's dots in Hallow can be subtracted from the character's normal starting Mana Pool in order to create Tass. Tass acquired in this manner can be used to boost a character's starting Mana Pool in a later scene, can be carried by a character in a later scene to be consumed if needed, can be traded or given to other characters or be put to other uses. Also remember that Tass in a consumable form (food/drink) weakens. Tass in these forms loses its potency three scenes after the PC in question stores it away. No consumable Tass, which requires Prime 3 to make use of, does not spoil and can be kept for as long as the player wishes.

        * If you are exercising this option in a scene please indicate that you are doing so, and list how many points of Mana you are converting into Tass, in a Spoiler at the top of your character's first post in a scene. Also note whether it is consumable or non-consumable Tass.

        Players can also temporary increase the Mana available to their character by written a glimpse of their character performing an oblation relevant to their Path or Legacy. PCs without a Legacy or access to a Hallow perform these oblations either at the Sanctum of another Mage (if they can make a deal to gain access) or at the "HQ" of their Order (As long as they are a member in good standing of that Order). Each Oblation provides a + 3 bonus to the character's Mana Pool for the next scene they enter, + 2 to the next scene after that one and finally + 1 to the third scene they enter after the oblation is complete. Writing a second Oblation glimpse does not stack with the bonuses provided by the last oblation glimpse written, in that case the bonuses of the second would come into effect after the bonuses from the first had worn off. #
      6. Willpower
        Virtue / Vice as per WOD Corebook
        + 1 when entering a new scene ( provided that your WP was not full and there was a break between the last scene and the new one ).

        Also due to the nature of Plot scenes, some can last a long time. Any plot scene ( or set of scenes taking place on the same night ) that lasts over a month will provide a +2 Willpower refresh (you get 2 back instead of 1), for a scene that last over 2 months you will receive 3 back. This is to reward players who make an effort to be involved in main plots and who take an active roll in the game. #
      7. Status

        1. Adamantine Arrow Status
          Each dot of Order Status (Adamantine Arrow) grants the character a dot in the merit: Armory. This symbolizes that the character has been given access to Order's own stocks and trusted with the equipment required to get the job done. As per the merit, each dot of Armory gives the individual five (5) points to spend on weapons/armor, the cost of individual weapons (ignore the extra +1 cost for extra ammo and firearms) and armor is determined by their damage rating or defensive bonus. An addition cost of +1 or +2 will be required for military gear or especially dangerous/difficult to find items. #
        2. Free Council Status
          Each dot of Order Status (Free Council) grants the character a dot of Contacts, the Barfly merit, or the first or second dot of Allies (A set of Allies agreed upon by the player and ST staff). This symbolizes the connections Libertine build with the world around them, they know people, make friends and connections and that pays off. #
        3. Guardians of the Veil Status
          Each dot of Order Status (Guardians of the Veil) grants the character the opportunity to purchase Rotes from the other Order books (Four other Pentacle Orders and the Seers of the Throne). They are able to purchase a number of Rotes equal to their dots in Status and the level of each Rote is capped at Order Status + 1, players can hold these Rotes in reserve if they so wish. All of these Rotes have had their Mudras subtly shifted to prevent discovery of the theft (although Guardians are encouraged to use caution when using them) and they still use the original dice pool of the Rote. #
        4. Mysterium Status
          Each dot of Order Status (Mysterium) grants the character the corresponding dot of the Mystery Initiation merit and every Mysterium PC who contributes to the shared Athenaeum can benefit from its shared library, lab and Scriptorium. #
        5. Silver Ladder Status
          Each dot of Order Status (Silver Ladder) grants the character the ability to, once per month, draw upon number of dots in Allies, Contacts or Resources equal to their dots of Order Status which come from various members of the Order. #
    2. Spells

      1. Goodwill & Spells
        The Goodwill status trait measures the respect another Order has for a specific character and any character can nominate another character who they believe is deserving of being recognized for living up to the values their Order stands for. The trait is measured on a scale of 1 to 5 and a member of the Order in question can suggest that a member of another Order be given a number of dots in Goodwill up to the level of their own Order Status.

        Mechanically Goodwill gives a Mage the opportunity to cast spells specifically from that Order's book, of a power level up to the number of dots of Goodwill they possess. #
      2. Banned / Restricted Spells
        • All Spells from the Banisher Book are forbidden to Player Characters. The only exceptions are individual spells "gifted" to certain Player Characters by the Storytellers for plot purposes. Yes there is a very good reason why gifted is in quotation marks.
        • Spells contained in the various Order books are known only to members of that Order and cannot be cast by individuals from outside of that Order without the proper level of Goodwill.
        • All Spells from the Seer book are forbidden to Player Characters. Well all non-Seer Player Characters.
        • Zone of Extremity from TotM, Diplomat's Protection from the Silver Ladder book, Temporal Lifeline from the Free Council book, Puissant Skill and Willful Process from the Mysterium book are all banned. #
      3. Rotes - General
        • All Rotes from the Core Mage book are considered commonly known by all five Orders and are able to be purchased by any PC in one of the Pentacle Orders.
        • All Rotes from the Order books are considered secrets of that particular Order and can only be purchased by members of that particular Order. With enough Goodwill with an Order, an outside member might be taught a Rote by a member of that Order (the learning PC still needs to spend the XP to buy the Rote). This is a rather rare occasion and the character learning the Rote in question is forbidden to teach it anyone else.
        • All Rotes use a character's base attributes and stats to determine that character's dice pool for that particular Rote. Hence extra Attribute or Skill dots added by Mind or Life do NOT count towards a Rote pool. #
      4. Spell Changes
        • All spells which inflict Aggravated Damage are Vulgar. This includes spells which allow characters at Mastery level of an Arcana to spend a Mana to upgrade the damage of an Adept level spell, even if the Adept level spell was covert.
        • Triumphant Will and Skilled Triumph from the Mysterium book are now considered Vulgar.
        • Clarification on Body Control, the effects of this spell must be purchased with the potency of the casting. For example a Mage casting this spell must specify which bonuses they are selecting and how potent each bonus will be, so if you gain four successes on the roll, the casting Mage could add + 2 to their Initiative as well as cutting in half the amount of oxygen they require and the time it takes to heal bashing damage. #
  4. *** MORTAL ***

    1. #

    1. Accounting & Admin

      1. Blood Pool
        Half of your max vitae rounded up + dots in Herd + Haven Location formula*

        * 1-2 dots in Haven Location: 1 Vitae
        3-4 dots in Haven Location: 2 Vitae
        5 dots in Haven Location: 3 Vitae

        First Ghoul is Free, each ghoul after the first imposes a -1 penalty.

        Feeding Rolls can be made in a scene, once per scene, with various modifiers imposed by the situation. Successes on that roll will be added to vitae pool on a one for one basis (unless you're in an area with no kine, then you're munching on animals). However IC hunting in specific places might have negative IC results. Ask for a feeding roll and I will reply with the modifier, then roll.

        + 1 to Blood Pool for Coil of Blood 1 and 3

        Player Characters granted Domain may be granted a bonus to their standard Blood Pool on a case by case basis. #
      2. Changes to Clans
        • Weaknesses: Gangrel and Nosferatu weaknesses are changed to no rerolls on 10s for Intelligence/Wits (Gangrel) and Presence/Manipulation (Nosferatu). Neither weakness figures into activation rolls for disciplines/devotions/Cruac/Theban. The curse of each Clan effects only normal interactions, the supernatural powers of the Blood are part of the nature of the Beast.
        • The Bruja Bloodline has been renamed to the Saavedra (Nickname: the Scorpions). They keep their history, 4th Discipline and weakness all of which are described in the VTR Corebook.
        • The Khaibit Bloodline has been removed from the game. #
      3. Character Banners
        When your character is approved, please create a headline banner for the character. This information should include an avatar pic, the PC's name, Clan (and bloodline if the character is open about that information, if the PC hides or doesn't talk about their BL, then please do not list it), City, Clan and Covenant status, Striking Looks (if they have it), Presence (if high or low, please give a 1 to 3 word description to assist other players reactions to your PC), current Vitae and WP, Blood Potency (or Protean 1/Obfuscate 2), Creep (if Nosferatu), defense, any armor, any special active abilities and health/damage (in combat or if entering a scene with unhealed damage).

        This information helps your ST(s) a lot, it allows us to see what you have and what you have active and also assists other players in reacting properly to your PC. #
      4. Healing
        • Bashing damage is healed upon entering the next non-continuation scene.
        • Lethal damage is likewise healed upon entering the next non-continuation scene, but leaving a scene with 4 or more Lethal imposes a -1 penalty to the blood pool of your next scene.
        • Aggravated damage is healed 1 per new scene and handled in a similar fashion to regaining WP. If you have 2 agg on your PC when the enter a long plot scene that lasts over a month, both will be healed. However there is flat -2 to your blood pool for every scene you enter with Agg damage. #
      5. Ghouls
        To possess a human ghoul a PC must have at least three dots invested in a single Retainer. While a character might posses a thrall or an animal ghoul with less dots, a retainer must be at level 3 or higher for the ghoul template to be added.

        Human Ghoul creation:
        ► Show Spoiler
      6. Goodwill
        Alright so there will be an addition type of status merit (don't worry it doesn't need to be bought with experience) that represents the general ties and relationship a character has with the other Clans and Covenants in the game. This will be the Goodwill merit, similar to the Changeling merit of the same name, however any mechanical benefit gained from possession of the merit will be based on in characters interaction. While no Covenant will teach their Covenant only powers to a non-member, a Kindred who gains a solid amount of Goodwill with a specific Clan usually stands a good chance of convincing a friendly member of that Clan to teach a level (or two or three depending on the relationship between the characters) of that Clan's signature discipline.

        Goodwill can be awarded by a Clan Priscus or Whip for Goodwill (Clan) and the Leader of a Covenant for Goodwill (Covenant), with that Kindred able to award Goodwill up to their Clan or Covenant Status - 1. Any acknowledged member of a Clan or Covenant can recommend that a specific Kindred be given Goodwill in their Clan/Covenant.

        How and why Goodwill is awarded is based upon the values and ideals of each Clan/Covenant and Goodwill =/= Status within the organization. Also each group tends to treat individuals holding Goodwill differently, so Goodwill 2 with the Invictus could mean something completely different from Goodwill 2 with Clan Gangrel. #
      7. Humanity
        Remove Persuasion from the Humanity Cap list.

        The Humanity Cap on Empathy and Socialize rolls has been slightly tweaked: 1/ For Kindred with Humanity 5 or above activating the Blush of Health, dice added by Striking Looks to a Socialize die pool no longer count against the cap. 2/ Empathy rolls directly involved in reading hostile body language or intentions or spotting lies are not effected by the Cap, the Beast survives and spotting potential trouble is one emotion it has no trouble with while deception is as natural to Kindred as not breathing.

        Kindred with Humanity 3 or lower are close enough to the Beast that the affairs of mortals are a petty concern. It costs these Kindred 2 points of Vitae to activate the blush of health and they do not benefit from the Socialize benefit. However they do gain the ability to read potentially hostile body language with Empathy, in fact the Beast gives them a +1 to this roll. #
      8. Occulation Merit
        A note on Occultation: It will NOT be providing extra dice to Obfuscate. It will still subtract from Auspex pools and still make it difficult to gain info about a character, however for a 2 x new dot merit to do all of that and add to a discipline die pool is really too much power relative to cost. #
      9. Rolling Dice
        When using the Dice Roller please remember to list all of the factors giving you dice. If you're paranoid about stats, you don't need to list your dots but the attribute, skill and modifiers involved need to be listed.

        Ghostbuster Example Str + Brawl + Vigor + WP + AoA - Def 3 11 3 2 4 5 10 4 2 3 10 6 9 7 4 Success! (3) 01/07/13 09:26:15 PM

        WP for Willpower and AoA for All out Attack are fine. Also remember to adjust your current levels should you spend vitae or willpower and list active abilities in your header. If it's up there, I know it's active and can factor that in when in ST mode, which will more than likely benefit you. In combat I'll be listing the Def and Armor of NPC opponents, so you should have the information needed to make a correct roll.

        If you ever have a question about unlisted static modifiers ( for a power such as Awe ) or about the amount of dice you're able to roll, don't be afraid to PM me and ask. I want to make this system as easy as possible for both myself and all of the players. Knowing how you got your dice will make combat and other die rolling situation flow much easier and provide a record that quickly allows me to verify that your roll is all good. Rolls lacking a basic stat description will no longer be accepted, it's not too much trouble to put "Wits + Composure" in front of "to Spot X" or "Dex + Larceny + Spec" in front of "to pickpocket Joe".

        On that note, NPCs have finite amounts of the same resources you do. From the Prince on down to the lowest fool on the food chain, I'm treating them, regardless of if they're an ally or antagonist, like a real character who doesn't want to be hungry, spent a ton of WP two nights ago and isn't just there to spam every resource they have whether backing you up in a fight or trying to take you down. They will spend, but in similar conditions as any normal character. Every combat will not be me throwing mass goons at a set of PCs who use vitae/WP/AoA to gain + 7 dice every round of a seven round combat. That's garbage. NPCs will use their advantages when they need them and not just as a way to hinder PCs. #
      10. Status
        As per character creation rules, in order for a PC to benefit from Covenant specific powers/XP cost breaks, the player must purchase a dot of Covenant status. After this purchase is made, status no longer needs to be bought by player characters. It will be awarded IC based upon the character's actions and how they are seen by their Clan and Covenant and the Domain as a whole.

        Status is also no longer to be rolled for interactions with others from the same Covenant, Clan or Domain wide. The only exception to this is for characters who A/ Have a Position within the Domain, Clan or Covenant that gives them authority, B/ Are directly acting in that role and within the boundaries of the position in question and C/ Are interacting with someone who their position gives them authority over.

        Example: During a situation where the Domain in under attack and the Sheriff is in charge, the holder of that position can use their Domain status to back up any orders they need to give until the immediate threat is over. So the Sheriff could order a character to escort non-combatants out away from danger and to use their disciplines to keep Mortals away and protect the Masquerade and thus would add his Domain Status as extra dice to his/her pool if a roll is needed.

        However during a random gathering, if the Sheriff is simply having a conversation with another Kindred and the player of that Kindred attempts to read the Sheriff's reaction to a certain point, the Sheriff's roll to hide their distaste would not include their Status. #
      11. Willpower
        Virtue / Vice as per WOD Corebook

        + 1 when entering a new scene ( provided that your WP was not full and there was a break between the last scene and the new one ). Also due to the nature of Plot scenes, some can last a long time. Any plot scene ( or set of scenes taking place on the same night ) that lasts over a month will provide a +2 Willpower refresh (you get 2 back instead of 1), for a scene that last over 2 months you will receive 3 back. This is to reward players who make an effort to be involved in main plots and who take an active roll in the game. #
    2. Disciplines

      1. Resistance
        Resistance to Kindred powers will include Resolve + Composure + BP. This is to make it fair for the defender, since the attacker in most of these occasions rolls with an Attribute/Skill/Discipline and it's only fair that the defender should get three parts in their pool to reply. Also there is no option to spend a WP to ignore Majesty for a round, to make that discipline similar to dominate and nightmare. Note that this is for opposed rolls only. The Familiar Stranger, Obfuscate 4, is not subject to this limitation. #
      2. Auspex Level 4
        Telepathy: In order for a character to detect mind intrusion when "information" is pulled from their current thoughts, successes on their Intelligence + Composure roll must equal or exceed the success rolled for the Auspex user's activation of the power. #
      3. Dominate 2 & 4
        Can only hold a number of individuals under these powers equal to BP +3. #
      4. Majesty 1
        Awe: Changed from needing a number of successes = dots in composure to Dice Pool total - Composure. Attempting to Awe a large group adds a penalty based on the number effected (as per VtR Core pg 129) with the highest composure of the group subtracted. #
      5. Nightmare 1, 4 & 5
        Level 1: Those effected by this power no longer flee the presence of the Nightmare user, instead they are unable to attack or use offensive powers against the Nightmare user for a number of turns = successes. Sovereignty counts as an offensive power for this effect, meaning that the Nightmare user is no longer subject to the effects of Sovereignty. Attempting to use against more than one individual is subject to level of penalties as Awe.

        Level 4: Exceptional Success no longer loses a WP DOT (instead they lose 2 WP POINTS) and any serious derangement caused by this power lasts only for 10 - subject's composure nights (and yes days as well for mortals). At dawn after the final night has passed, the effect disappears.

        Level 5: Add Blood Potency or other Supernatural Power Stat to resistance and replace Exceptional Success benefit with the subject is unable to regain WP via a night's/day's rest upon entering the next scene. So the WP regaining system detailed in the House Rules section would not apply to the effected character (if PC) and NPCs will have their pools adjusted accordingly. #
      6. Resilience & Vigor
        Changed from Instant to Reflexive #
      7. Special Covenant Abilities
        Theban and Cruac level is capped at Covenant Status.

        Coils level is capped at level 1 = status 1, level 2 = status 2, level 3 = status 3-4, level 4 = status 5. Also the number of different Coils a PC has access to is also capped at Covenant Status. Thus a Status 1 PC can learn 1 level of 1 one Coil, while a Status 2 PC can learn 2 levels of 2 different Coils.

        XP costs for Coils have been changed as well. Each individual category counts as its own out of clan discipline, hence both the First Dot of Coil of Blood and Banes would cost 7 XP each, with the second dot costing 14 XP each.

        *Don't worry, characters who make an effort to be involved with their Covenant will be rewarded with Covenant Status. This limit is mainly to promote a sense of realism about how closely the secrets of each Covenant are guarded. PCs who are committed and work for the good of their Covenant will move up the ranks relatively quickly and be able to purchase the supernatural goodies of that organization. In fact one current PC earned their second dot of Covenant Status in their first scene, so it is possible to gain a dot or two in Covenant Status fast if you put in the effort. #
      8. Devotions
        Both Immutable Mind and Stalwart Heart do not need to be rolled, a character just needs to spend 1 WP point and the effects are active.

        Occulted Spirit no longer requires a WP DOT to activate. Instead the character spends a 1 WP point when the activation roll is made. This must be done as an instant action in the round before activating Twilight Projection. #
      9. Theban
        The activation roll(s) for Theban rituals Blandishment of Sin, Malediction of Despair and Liar's Plague are now penalized by their subject's resolve instead of being an opposed roll vs. the subject's Resolve + BP. This change is to reflect how the mechanics for Theban rituals effecting others change in the Covenant's source book and similar Cruac rituals work. #
  6. #