About us

New York Shadows (NYS) is an online role-playing community set in the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps – New York City. The core games are white wolf's (Now Onyx Path) NWOD line. Currently we have Changeling:The Lost; Mage: The Awakening; Mortal & Vampire: The Requiem. There are also side games that players can participate such as Vampire V20 from the classic world of darkness.

The games are played via our forum and players can have up to 2 characters in each core venue. You can join one, or join them all it is totally up to you!

We are a community site, this means we don't count it as one person owning the site and ruling with an iron fist. Any site wide decisions are made by the storytellers and a lot of the time we try to involve players in discussions about the site itself. We try to utilize that talent we have available with everything from coding to graphics design and community members who contribute to the site are rewarded.

We try to create a community, not just a game to play. A place you can meet people with similar interests and feel involved in whats happening. We try to be different from other sites, there are some good choices out there. Some bad. No matter where you are from we hope you find a place here, we are a friendly bunch of people and see each other as friends rather than a group of players.

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